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Has anyone seen an Immunologist?

I've learned that PBC is an autoimmune disease and that there may be other autoimmune diseases attached to it that we may have. Has anyone seen an immunologist to rule this out or, at least, get a true present diagnosis of the state of our immune system, such as, if it is deficient and what can be done to help it along.

Also, I've asked about low platelet count (between 84-90) and was told that, although, low, these numbers are OK.

Regarding weight gain, it seems that no matter how much or little I eat, the weight remains at 150. Is this because our food intake is not absorbed and distributed properly by the liver. Was told to take a multivitamin as well, I guess this would ensure proper distribution.

Thank-you, for your support.


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Hi Lina, I am seeing an immunologist next month. I have 2 confirmed immune disorders and 1 to be confirmed. My respiritory consultant sorted out this appointment via my GP> My Gastro dr is pretty hopeless so am lucky to have the respiritory dr. I have always wondered about the whole immune system. Will let you know how I get on.I have terrible upper stomach pains and on the liver side as well, i always put it down to not enough bile to help aid digestion? I also have a low platelet count, no comments much from any of the dr's but they have been watching it?? What ever that means? Hope some of this is helpful,Lisa :)


Hi Lisa,

Thank God for your respiratory consultant and good luck with the appointment.

Doctors are vague and very frustrating.

And, yes, you have been helpful and hope everything improves after your appt.

Thanks, Lina


I have hadMS, which is an auto-immune disease, for 27 yrs. I have always been told by neurologists & read that the immune system is OVER-active, not deficient. So, I took interferon injections for 12 yrs. to slow the progression of the immunce system attacking the nervous system. Now, this PBC is the immune system attacking the liver, so I wonder why, patients are not prescribed interferon drugs, along with the Urso?


I've also wondered why doctors don't prescribe drugs that suppress the immune system from attacking the liver. I don't know of any other explanation, other than, the drugs would do more damage than good. On my next appt. I will ask this question directly and, hopefully, receive a proper response.


I think i read somewhere that drugs that suppress the immune are not effective with PBC. I will try to find the article and either post the link or the reference


Thanks, so much, if you can , it would be very much appreciated.


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