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Summer stomach sickness


I am on Holiday in Spain and people were ill with stomach sickness , loose bowel and headaches. I was sick and headachy . I was told it was a virus but it could have been a food contaminated bug I mean the temperatures here have been close to 100 at times.

My question for us pbc ers is what to take as I rarely self medicate .plus and this has never happened before ...for four days my liver severely ached. I was tempted to go to hospital but what could they do for me??

People were trying to give me all sorts. I wS flat on my back for four days in bed and despite my nausea was forced to stumble around to relieve back tension. Did I need Ibrufen? Muscle relaxant but does my liver like it when it was already under pressure ...I did take it once in desperation

Something for the pounding headache ? What is safe ? Something to stop the nausea? Stop sicking?

If anyone can generally advise I would be grateful . If it's a virus let it run its course

If it's food related there is medication but all the while as my stomach churned my liver ached and throbbed....

6 days on I am fine still feel week and tired but okay but the real reason for this post is I live in nz and I'm on my way home via India for three weeks and I want to be in the know...regards self medication

With pbc we have to be mindful of our livers all the time

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You can safely take paracetamol for your headache.

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Hi I am in Spain for a year. Because of the searing heat we have been having you need to be drinking loads of bottled water, much more than we normally drink. I too have had the headaches, stomach pains and getting stabbing pains in the liver area. I have been taking paracetomol but not too much. Keep cool and hydrated and when able stay as much in the shade as you can. Hope ypur holiday goes better when you feel better. 😊

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Yes I realised that I had become dehydrated at some stAge and got on to it. Thanks for your response. This ones been horrible and still lingers...

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i live in spain and yes there is always a virus going round, take paracetamol to reduce your temperature and only drink bottled water about 3 litres a da...you can buy allsorts of medication over here but i avoid them.....paracetamol and water and time are the best things !!!it is hot here at the moment so give it time xc

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Hi boneytoys

I believe that when you have sickness and diarrhea you need to hydrate but not with just water. I have used dioralyte in the past with no adverse reaction. Here is a link for your information (realize you are not in UK)


However you can find recipes to make your own solution by mixing water with salt and sugar but you need to get the values right. There are a couple on the web made up for children which should be okay. Water salt and sugar are all things that we eat to some degree during the day and I am no expert but I cannot think a hydration drink made up for yourself with just these ingredients would harm the liver.

There is a recipe for re-hydration drink half way down the page on this link just as a matter of course in the heat and travelling a hydration drink is useful.


As to the nausea there are medications you can get from the doctor in England but I do not know about abroad. When I had sickness and diarrhea one time the doctor said that so long as you kept topping up with plenty of liquids it did not matter what came out the other end. Good to flush it through! Hey some of these guys are tougher than me!! :-)

hope this of some help

best wishes



Sorry to hear you're not well pver there.

ButterflyEi said almost esactly what I planned to say! :) Diarolyte sachets are good because you will be dehydrated from fluid loss. I have been having bad stomach bouts liver pain quite frequently recently and as well as room temperature bottled water am taking Diarolytes.

Ginger sweets or crystalised ginger might help with the nausea and peppermint tea. If you feel like eating, eat plainly, bananas and plain white bread are good bets.

Pain relief-wise not found any solution for the liver area ache, although heat against it sometimes soothes it.

Hope you're much better soon x

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