Not such a great weekend

I feel like Im in the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers!!! It's like someone else is speaking for me these past couple of days. Everything going on inside of me I have zero control over. Then there's the issue of things flying out of my mouth that truly isn't me. Am I going crazy also😳😕🤔😞. This is too much to take sometimes. Sry everyone, needed to let some things out, but there's no one here to understand.

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  • It's good to let off steam in a safe environment. Hope the next few days are better for you . Xx

  • I had a similar day yesterday. I have the wrong family my friend. I'm not going to get trough this. I have a dr apt on Wednesday. My Dr always ordered my prednisone in 20 mg pills. This time he ordered it in 10 mgs. He's suppose to lower my dose but I will not allow him to drop me 5 mgs with the people that I have to live with. They aren't nice

  • You know your body, what you can take & what you cannot. I just simply couldn't handle things this weekend. So mad at how life & people can be so unfair!😖😩. I guess I just bottle things up until I explode. I was never that way before. Plus, I have a blended family, it certainly does not make things any easier.

  • I am the same way. I let people usually my husband or children push me to a corner. I'm terrified for Wednesday. There's no reason for my Dr to call my new prescription of prednisone in from 20mgs to 10 mgs. He can't drop me to 15 mgs to fast. I'm taking 20 now and last month I was to get dropped to 15. Knowing what I know now. Dropping me to 15 will result in a break down

  • But Jenny, maybe you will feel better when he lowers your prednisone? You might be able to deal with your family issues better knowing your health is improving. Just a thought. Hugs

  • I'm a post hog. I'm sorry shulsey.

  • It's all good Jenny😁, today is another day

  • SOS

  • I have read many of your posts and I don't know how you maintain the positive attitude you show. It's inspiring but hey- you also need to vent and to yell as needed! You are dealing with a whole lot. I hope the mental stuff improves as that can be so disconcerting. I am relatively new here but am always grateful to see the peer support that happens because other folks truly just can't understand.. keep your head up.

  • I have my moments. Those usually happen right before or right after my visits to Indianapolis to see my heptologist. But this was out of nowhere. Tired of hearing the kids complain, it usually involves my daughter who's ADHD. Always seems that everyone blames her. Makes me so mad. Tired of rules one day & they're different the next. I voiced my opinion to where people miles down our road probably heard me😳 oops

  • Hope the folks down the road are taking notes.. 😁

  • 🤣🤣🤣, I needed that. Thank you

  • Lol I've been swearing like a truck driver , it just flies out and I don't care! So bad. I have a 14 yr old daughter who tells me I'm straight savage. She had to explain that to me. Anyway it happens....we're human with so much 'stuff'. Better day tomorrow!

  • Straight Savage😂😂😂 I'll be sure to remember that one!!!/❤️ it haha

  • How are you

  • Im better today, thank you for checking with me. I just wish my fiance would stop forgetting how sick I truly am & give me the support I so desperately need from him. I was told this morning that I act so helpless sometimes. This was over his tool bag being in the front seat of the car which weighs a ton. I cannot move it because I fear of having another varicies bleed. I told him I didn't really feel up to puking blood again so I must wait for him to get home from work to move it from the driver's seat. It so aggravating. But, Im over it, or simply getting used to being treated like Im nuts. Isn't that just awful.

  • Sorry!

  • I had to be put on prozac in order to get some type of sanity. We all have our days were we just can't deal with other's shit. I try to avoid it you cant always. It may be the anger of feeling this is a never ending bad roller coasters ride. Ive always been blunt but moreso now that i cant let people waste my time or make me feel less of a person. I hope you know you never need to apologize for sharing what you are feeling that why we are here.


  • Well said Connie!

  • So sorry you had a bad weekend Shulsey....but after all that I bet it felt good to get it out...we are here for you

  • I'm so sorry you had a bad weekend. I sometimes feel sorry for myself because I am all alone. But other times,if I'm having a bad day, I can't imagine having anyone around me with the way I'm feeling.

    So I get it!

    Wishing you better days!!!

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