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Hi, I'm a 73 year old great grandmother, still working part time and diagnosed with PBC in 2013. I have been taking UDCA since then along with Calcium and Vitamin D and am luckily symptom free so far.

Early on I found the Primary Biliary Cholangitis Foundation online, and they produce a magazine called "The Bear Facts" which is very informative about the disease and any research/breakthroughs. If anyone is interested here are the links:

Facebook page




They are the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC

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Hello Cressy

Welcome to this friendly group. I am happy to hear you are symptom free.

What kind of part time work do you do? How many grand and greatgrand children do you have?

I found my way on to this group via the PBC Foundation. It has been a great help and comfort to me on my PBC journey. In times of crisis friends on here have helped me through. Sometimes we need help and sometimes we give it. We all help each other.

I get the Bear Facts magazine via e-mail as it saves printing costs. Many get the paper version.

Take care

Kind regards


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Hi Lyndy

How kind of you to reply to me message. To be honest I feel a bit of a fool as it seems the PBC foundation is well known on here. I suppose there might be some new people not aware. I do think they are excellent in what they do and have watched them grow over the years.

I work on board the cruise ships doing ships tours - showing people around for a couple of hours then lunch in one of the restaurants. It's a lovely job as we choose when we want to work.

I am sorry to hear that you have had 'times of crisis' and hope they were not too often or overwhelming. In my experience no matter how bad things are being able to share what is happening to you does help. I guess it means we are not alone.

So what about you? Do you have a family? Are you terribly old like me a young stripling?

Take care

Best wishes


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Hi Cressy

Please don't feel a fool. It is good to share. It will be of use to someone.

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