I'm getting lumpy knees too

I'm getting lumpy knees too

Here is a photo of my new lumpy knees. The lump on the left side at times swells golf ball size. It doesn't hurt at this time. However I tore my rotator cuff a few years ago. That's been achy but not enough to complain. My muscles 💪 get sore too. I'm pretty sure if I was a man and not a woman I would be in the fetal position in bed crying. This is not a good photo because the one lump in the left outside grows and shrinks. I told my Dr at Mayo and he didn't say anything alarming. I have another apt in July to see the professor 👨‍🏫

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  • I went to the doctors yesterday as my knee is lumpy and she is sending me for an xray

  • I have my knees folded inward one more than the other. But my lumps seem to be fatty balls and they go away and come back. We were in the car and my husband just shot a photo real quick but forgot to pay attention to see if they swell. I was hoping for a better photo for the dr

  • I have one on each side in the same place of my right and left arm. They shrink then become noticeable. I was told they are harmless.

  • Mine too. Oh well right

  • They seem to be feel like fatty soft knots. They don't hurt or itch, they are just there. Funny before getting sick, I didn't notice anything. Now every spot, bump, pain and itch I start freaking!

  • Jennyhadenough, is this from the medication or the AIH? Not fun...😠

  • I thought maybe it was the Urso. But I don't know The medication that's causing the lumps. I'm weighing my options and as long as it doesn't hurt and my Dr isn't concerned then oh well. We are women. We can handle lumpy knees, and elbows. Lol.

  • Oh hells yes! Can't wait for my lumpy knees!

  • Lol 4pjx

  • All I can say is that on this Site we have people with a good sense of humour despite what we have to endure with this PBC

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