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Been MIA but I'm back


Hi everyone,

Sorry for not being around much. My son and I had our Disneyland Vacation (it was beyond amazing) and since we've been back I've just been focusing on getting back into work mode and trying to keep up with everything around the house (with renos).

First - our was amazing - we had so much fun and did everything! We rode all the rides in California Park and Disneyland Park (except for a few of the rides for little ones) - and walked (and stood still) A LOT! Nothing hurt - no symptoms, no itching, no joint paint in my hands - nothing - I felt great (except my feet and ankles from all the walking/standing). It was awesome! (EPIC is my son's word for it) :) We sat at breakfast with Mickey and his friends made their rounds to see all the kids at breakfast and Kalan looked at me with a stunned look on his face and I said "hun, what's wrong are you okay?" and he said "Mom, am I really seeing all this?" my heart melted!

Second - I'm sorry for not keeping up with what's going on with everyone - I will do my best to try to catch up. This vacation was a great way for me to remember to live and move on. I'm lucky enough that my symptoms don't get too overwhelming (unless I let myself get stressed out too much). I am more positive now, and as long as I take my meds and take care of me - I'm doing all I can.

Partly the reason why I didn't come back on right after my vacation is I needed a break to let go I think. I've let go now, I'm not sad anymore - at least not now. I'm learning to be kinder to myself in general and to show myself more self compassion - in all aspects of my life and that's where my focus is now. It's not on the fact I have PBC - it's on me - where it should have been all along. My focus has always been everyone else - and of course my son first. But I have to take care of (emotionally too) in order to take care of my son - so I'm focusing on taking care of me as well right now - and to do that I needed to take a break from the site and from the world of PBC. I'm glad though, to be back and will try to catch myself up.

:) Rebecca

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Hi Becca75

Love your post - so positive. Like your sentiments about focusing on taking care of yourself.

Stay positive x


Great to hear about your holiday and your son loved it. So good to hear you felt so well over there too! When I've been abroad in the sunshine a lot of symptoms eased too.

Continue that positivity it's lovely to hear about x

Glad you had a fantastic time, your son looked thrilled to bits.

Thanks for sharing love the picture!

Your on to it xx

Great photo. Glad you had a good time. Stress free happy times seem to be good for us.

Delighted to hear you both had such a great time. Great picture. Stay positive and enjoy life and thank you for reminding us all. Diane

Glad you are back! Your trip sounds fab and I'm not even the tiniest bit jealous!!!!!! Hahahs ok maybe a bit!

Lovely uplifting post!

Wonderful post, onwards and upwards. So glad you are feeling positive.

Becca75. Wonderful to read how much you enjoyed the holiday, and how high your spirits are. Good for you.!!! Handsome son you have.! You deal with the problem, and accept it and that is the only way we can get through this PBC thing. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks everyone - I'm glad to be back... I look forward on catching up with everyone :)

He looks wonderfully adorable and happy. Good thoughts to both of you!

thank you! :)

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