Menopause and itching

I was diagnosed with PBC approx 5 yrs ago but I've suffered with fatigue for many yrs so it's more than likely I've had it a lot longer , I never used to itch but went into the menopause approx 2 yrs ago , I'm 52 next month and that's when the itching began , there is definitely a pattern to it as when I'm hormonal the itching becomes so intense to a point that I sleep very little and wearing clothes is unbearable! , over the last couple of wks my hands and feet burn so much they make me cry when I can't take anymore , my consultant keeps trying different things but so far nothing has worked ! At present I still work 2 full days a wks but leaves me so exhausted it takes me 3 to recover , finishing my job is not an option we need the money but because I'm on my feet all day and I wear a uniform I know I will pay big time those nights with the itching especially in my feet and worse even still if I'm hormonal , I now feel PBC has taken over my life and I was determined it wouldn't but I'm so exhausted with it all apart from going to work I've become a bit of a recluse . I'm so fed up with it all I just cry all the time .

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  • I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time. I'm presuming that you are on Urso and that you have tried prescription drugs for the itching. Have you tried menthol 2% body lotion? It's not a cure but might ease the sensation a little.

  • Hi wocket, thankyou so much for yr kind reply , yet I'm on urso and have tried a few different prescription drugs without any success to even relieve it touch , I've also had UVB treatment , I also take vit D and calcium as im deficient in both , suffer with constant cold sores , dry mouth , dry eyes which are sore all the time but no drops help and lumps all over my body including my scalp and round my eyes which apparently we can get fatty lumps deposited around the body with PBC and I do . I have had the cooling gel but that doesn't help either , I can cope with most of the side effects of PBC but this with my hands and feet is beating me big time ! I'm sorry for being so negative I'm usually a very positive person just not coping well at mo , but I will try the menthol lotion thankyou .

  • Sounds awful. I itch more when I'm flushing, tired or stressed but lucky only for short periods. Can imagine how difficult it would be if it was all the time. Is there any way that you could spread your shifts over the week? Maybe do 4 half days.

    Hope you find some relief soon.

  • Thankyou for yr lovely suggestion but I transferred to this pharmacy about a yr ago as the other was so fast paced it was killing me ! These are the only days available for me to work a couple of the other girls have young children so they do the half days and the rest do full time , it's quieter at this pharmacy so at least I can just about make it through the day dealing with the fatigue but the burning and itching feet are so severe especially as we have to wear closed in shoes ! I too hope I find something that helps , do u know anything about milk thistle helping ? It's rubbish being a woman sometimes isn't it ? My flushes are settling a bit now just need my hormones to settle too , hope yrs stop soon too .

  • Aw I hope they settle soon. It is terrible being a woman sometimes. But then men have to deal with man flu - so maybe it evens out lol.

    I went for about 4 months without a flush but they came back with a vengeance. Was nice while it lasted though.

  • I'd swap for the so called man flu any day lol . Fingers crossed yr flushes stop and don't start again ! I used to have the night sweats and wake up dripping wet through , they seemed to have passed but would have them back any day rather than this itching 🙁 , my feet has just started to burn here we go again !!!

  • Oh the night sweats are horrible. I've even managed to punch my husband a few times when trying to throw the covers off! ...well that's my excuse anyway lol.

    Hope you find a solution soon - sounds awful

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