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Liver Hot Flash?

I'm 50 and for the last 10 years I've been getting what I called "tropical breezes" lol

Not a Hot Flash but a warming sensation that comes over me with no apparent reason...

Two months ago I was diagnosed with PBC...last week I drove 160 miles to my parents home and along the way I noticed the "warmth" I feel originates in my back where my liver lies...

Does anyone else experience this? It does not last long, maybe at most 1-2 minutes...

I keep forgetting to ask my liver specialist about it!

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Hi Tonia66,

What you're describing I experience too and have since last year. Only my weird low grade fever starts in my face and neck. It doesn't last long and it's different than a hot flash. My whole body gets warm, I may perspire around my face when they happen.

I researched this last year and found these occasional low grade fevers are associated with autoimmune disease. You might Google symptoms of autoimmune disease. Low grade fevers is one of the symptoms.

I started having them just about 2 months before I was diagnosed with gastritis, and 3 months before I was diagnosed with PBC.


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Hi Tonia 66 and Ktitlel

I recently asked my Consultant about this. I was diagnosed with Pbc last year and from about January this year I have become increasingly aware of symptoms very similar to what you describe. I had assumed that it was possibly the start of the menopause, but I think that I will google as suggested. They do not last very long but it feels more like a quick fever which goes as quickly as it comes. I wake up at night so warm that I push off the covers but then grab them back quickly as I become chilled. My Consultant advised me to speak to my GP. Last time I mentioned it to them they advised me to get a leaflet on the menopause.

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I thought menopause as well since they started but that drive brought my attention to the liver....I was pressed against the seat and could literally feel it warming in that area then spreading up my body....it makes it all the way to my head as I do sweat sometimes when it happens....

I too wake up at night and either strip down/throw the covers off or both I get so uncomfortable. I hate it too because I can't stand to be up against my boyfriend when it happens...😥

I have an appointment in a couple of weeks, I'll ask my specialist...she is pretty good with this stuff....

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Oh my goodness Tonia, that is so me! Mine started about 3 years ago, I thought it was the start of the menopause & finally went to see my GP last September as I can't stand my husband being anywhere near me at night. It's as if I'm laying next to a furnace! Anyway, asked my gp if I could have her, she suggested I have full bloods done first to see if I was fit & healthy which was when PBC was diagnosed! I am currently take Clonidine for my 'tropical moments' which help immensely during the day but not so much at night. But having read your post I'm wondering if it is indeed linked to the condition too now.

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I have that heat sensation too. It stays localized in my back and flank area. It happens typically when I'm sitting for longer periods of time such as driving or sitting on the couch doing computer work with my laptop. I find if I place an ice gel pack over the area, it goes away. I am 55 yrs old and past menopause and hot flashes.

I am waiting to see what I am going to be diagnosed with on Thursday as I have an appointment with my GI doctor to go over my liver biopsy results. AMA-M2 recently positive, ALP and liver enzymes elevated for years and hepatomegaly. Awaiting hepatologist appointment.


Hello tonia66

I know exactly how you feel. Iv'e gone through the menopause already so should not have hot flashes at all. This seems a different heat anyway, I feel that I could just combust at any moment and end up as a pile of ashes. The last time that I could actually sleep under the quilt has long since gone. If this happens during the day I immediately go and stand outside, I have got out of bed at all hours to run cold water over my wrists and dab my face.

My poor partner can feel the heat emanating from me, even though I am not under the quilt, comes in handy for him in winter, but summer it's a nightmare.

Do you also get burning hands that turn bright red for no apparent reason, and very suddenly?

I have just learned to live with this, I wear only pure cotton nightwear and sleep on top of the bed, ( I use the term sleep very loosely).

I do hope you get some relief from somewhere, good luck.


Yes I get tropical warm breezes too. I'll be 60 in July but I've had these for 20 years. It's not a problem. I seek air conditioning or a jump in a pool on hot days more purposefully in the past 10 years but heat is ok for an hour or so if there's water and o know o can soon get clean.


Me too. I really notice it when I exercise. I have never been a big sweater, even with menopause, but I am now 61 and past that for five years now, and I find myself drenched after exercise and sometimes for no reason at all. Still waiting for a definitive diagnosis and getting frustrated so tired and aching. The Drs. I have seen don't seem to make any connection concerning the sweating to PBC. Good to know so many others are having the same problem. I'm going to see my GP soon and stress that problem and possibility again.


Hi, I did a little research on this and this is what I have concluded...

When the liver is "overworked" it over heats....since I do have liver damage (PBC) then it makes sense the liver is heating up....😔


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