Liver pain

I started feeling a pain behind my ribs, right hand side about 6 mouths ago which I assumed to be coming from my liver and probably because it was swollen. My question is of anyone else who has experienced this and is it now continuous or intermittent and does it indicate the state of the liver is worsening or could it be a temporary blip?

I've asked my GP is she can refer me back to the specialist as this new(ish) symptom is worrying me but, as yet, no appointment has come through so I thought some of you lovely people will have views/experience to share with me.

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  • Hi, I have it as a constant ache, then at night it becomes much worse and shaper. A couple of nights I have been close to going to A&E but been too tired to get up..i have no idea if it is a sign of progression so would be interested to know if you get an answer from your consultant, good luck :)

  • This pain might not be from the Liver,i have got Enlarged Liver and Spleen and don't get any pain from that area yet im glad to say.I think when the Liver does swell it can push on other parts that surround it and this can cause the pain, but again we are all different,i just hope that with no pain my Liver and Spleen are not getting any bigger,will get to know when i have my next scan.Hope you get it sorted Take Care

  • Hi, i get it aswell, as far as i know its all the same no matter what stage your at, hot water bottle on it and 2 pain killers eases it a bit

  • Hi there I get this awful pain it keeps me awake feels like I can feel my liver swollen it was so bad 3 weeks ago I went to doctors who said you don't get pain there what an idiot they haven't a clue it even hurts to turn over in bed I'm gonna speak to my consultant in June about this it's so painful sometimes so I can sympathise with you on this one I haven't tried painkillers though will maybe try some parscetamol x

  • I get this pain, usually of a night, though have had it during the day, seem to get it periodically, then it goes, but comes back a few weeks later, my consultant also stated you don't get pain with PBC?..told me it must be my hepatic sarcoidosis, he did not say why? I'd be very interested to know what your GP/Consultant says about your pain, take care x

  • Hello there is a flyer online from PBC org the American site I have just glanced through myself recently. I have done a blog - "PBC in Education" with the details only yesterday.

    This is a small extract here about liver pain:-

    "Abdominal pain or pressure in the liver area. Yes the pain is real – It is believed the tissue and lining around the liver become inflamed and the enlarged liver cause the discomforting pain."

  • I get a sort of cramp in that area if I bend or sit up quickly, is it that kind of pain, from just under the bust and downwards right down my side, I have asked about it and was just told that there is nothing there, it is quite severe and quite frightening.

  • Hi there, No, it's like a dull ache in my back below the shoulder blades but above waist height and if I didn't know I have PBC I would imagine it to be a pulled muscle or strain from over-exertion. Certainly it aches more after I've been standing ironing or playing badminton - but then, my whole right arm, especially my elbow and wrist, aches constantly too!!

  • Hi Wingding - I get that ache too, at first, mainly after cooking and doing the dishes (I just put it down to my body agreeing with my dislike of both those jobs), seriously though, I didn't actually connect it to PBC - I have noticed I am now getting this ache during all sorts of activities, both standing and sitting, i.e. shopping, house cleaning, and sewing. I also have off and on pain in the liver area, which is becoming more frequent, yet my LFTs have remained stable for the last couple of years.

  • That ache sounds familiar. Mine has only started since beginning the Ursofalk (30/4/13) and I just put it down to the bile moving through the ducts finally. I also have lung lesions which are believed to be linked to the PBC ( even though nobody really has specific info on that, but they are looking into it) and this pain does feel like it is linked with breathing in and out as well (when I take a deep breath in particular). There is a dull ache there most of the time though. When it gets too bad and I start to get gnarly with everyone, I take 2 Nurofen and the pain subsides, but I am not really sure that is the answer to the problem.

  • Figures really if one has an inflamed liver or as I seem to think perhaps when one is having a bad day you will feel it and I do believe it is definitely a real thing though I have to say I haven't had anything like this. I don't know if I ever will as yet.

    I know the year prior to starting with the itch (2010) I thought I'd pulled my shoulder in work, the right shoulder. The ache vanished but then has returned of occasions. I definitely think it is down to PBC as there is a nerve that runs down from the neck and near the liver area and I have read that certain people feel the pull on having a liver biopsy taken due to this so that makes sense that one could at times feel the shoulder ache with PBC.

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