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Following a liver biopsy, I have now been diagnosed with PBC and have started taking Urso.

I've stopped drinking...and already eat a healthy diet.

Any advice for staying healthy and doing all I can to manage this condition?

I'm also hoping to be starting some sort of fertility treatment but now worried that as a newly diagnosed PBC patient, my fertility doctor won't want to start any form of IVF...anyone got any experience if that?


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  • Bull shit. Lots of women are getting support from their doctor to start a family.

    You live your life like a rock star

    Carry on, my friend.

    You only live once.

    Join the pbc foundation and rock on

  • I love that! I shall live life like a rock star! Inspiring motto! X

  • Join the pbc foundation

  • What stage did your biopsy show

  • Only early stages! It's kind of come at the worst time as I've got fertility issues and have quite a stressful time at work! Really annoying time to be told to give up alcohol!

  • Be thankful that you have a job. I would give anything to of been allowed to work and learn. Now I have to figure out the rest of my life, learn a job, deal with a home on my own with two autoimmune diseases that no one understands

    And a long hard fight ahead of me.

    Giving up alcohol for you to live and be healthy should be a piece of cake. Just don't slip up and make any deals with yourself. Meaning just one

    It's over. No! Alcohol

    It's full speed a head to make a family and give your child a great mom and dad and give each other a great spouse. Be the best you can be to each other.

  • I am currently 24 weeks pregnant following fertility treatment. My liver consultant saw no issues with me doing this and it didn't raise any concerns at the fertility clinic.

  • That's good to hear. My fertility consultant was concerned with my liver results pre-diagnosis which made me worry. Been trying for a few years now so would like to know if IVF is an option. It would be nice to take control in some aspect of my life!!! :( x

  • My advice is take your unsourced as directed, eat heathy that's right for you. Not drinking isn't much of a problem if your not fussed about drinking, I don't drink but family and friends do, they don't understand that I don't drink?

    I've carried on with life same as I did before Pbc other than not drinking.

    I have my children already grown, hard to avoid stress though!!

    Get tired a lot and rash on arms and legs but got tattoos to cover one arm. Do lead your life as you would have before Pbc diagnosis, have your family, you will be more tired and sometimes a bit itchy, you will still get colds flu and the usual virus, I have found it stays longer than usual but it goes, just like before my diagnosis. What I'm trying to say don't let Pbc hold you back, you will know when to sow down and rest, good luck with your ivf.

    Carol x

  • I was recently diagnosed and have 2 kids. I had cholistasis with both kids which let partly to my diagnosis. Took urso the entire time. Had 2 premies (they won't let you go past 36 weeks) but were and are totally healthy. They were tough pregnancies due to the cholistasis but soo worth it :)

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