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Abnormal LFT (potential PBC) and prepping body for IVF

Hi, I've not been diagnosed with PBC yet but both GP and specialist say the signs are pointing that way and monitoring monthly blood tests. We've been trying for children for 2 years and are potentially looking at IVF next. I'm worried that un-diagnosed liver issues (such as potential PBC) could jeopardise IVF - should I avoid certain hormones? I had an overactive thyroid 3 years ago which was dealt with using radio-iodine so I'm seen by three specialists at the moment; thyroid, liver and fertility and I don't think they have the full picture yet! Want to make sure my body is in the best state before IVF and want to be fully informed incase I have PBC and go down the IVF route! Any advice welcome! Thanks

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Hi. I went through IVF with PBC. I was on Urso at the time. I froze my eggs and did the IVF procedure 2 times. I was also diagnosed with a slow thyroid and was put on synthroid. Your thyroid not working properly hurts a woman in not producing eggs so I would say it is best to make sure your thyroid numbers are good. I also took supplements I started on them 2 months before I did IVF:

DHEA 50mg

Royal Jelly 500mg

Pre-natal vitafol-one

Melatonin 2mg

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I have done Ivf and liver specialist said was fine. I was on urso throughout. Also dhea, ubiqionol, melatonin, inositol and multivit.


Hi I went through IVF after being diagnosed with PBC. This was about 10 years ago though and my PBC wasn't taken into account at all. My IVF worked, but I lost the baby at 17 weeks - this was put down to me having "sticky blood" but to this day I was never told if that had anything to do with my liver.

I was advised against taking any medication while we were actively trying to get pregnant.


Currently going through IVF (4th round soon hopefully) and just been diagnosed. All the consultants say it's fine to go through it with PBC...so I'm trusting them!

Good luck.x


Thanks for all your replies. I'm not drinking and getting healthy now so at least I'm doing everything I can to get my body ready! Fingers crossed x


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