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Went to Dermatologist last week to ask him if he had any "new" idea's or therapies that might help with my intense itch? He suggested I try photo therapy. It has not been proven whether it works or not, but I have nothing to loose in trying it except the itch. Worth a try. I'll be going 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Since I am extremely fair they can only start at 1 minute then increase from there. Fingers crossed!

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Good luck krazy-girl I do hope it works. Please let us know how you get on.

I believe there is a study being carried out at one of the hospitals in the North of England, I cannot remember which one though - unfortunately.

I also suffer with the so called itch of PBC and currently take tablets, if the photo therapy works it would be a good solution rather than tablets.

best wishes


Well I've now been doing maintance photo therapy. Once a week till the end of August. It has been helping and the dermatologist just gave me a solution to put on my scalp at night for the itching. I then wash it out with medicated selsun blue shampoo in the morning.

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Hi krazy-girl

glad to read you have found something to help. I cannot imagine how miserable an itchy scalp must be. :-)

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