Peri portal lymphadenopathy

I have literally just received a copy of of the letter sent to my GP from gastro. It states AMA at 1:640, ALT 57, ALP 143 with gamma GT 442. Chronic liver disease. Early cirrhosis with peri-portal lymphadenopathy. I am absolutely petrified I have liver cancer. Can anyone tell me anything about peri portal lymphadenopathy? I am due for endoscopy in May. I also received prescription for my 1st lot of Urso.

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  • Found this. It might help but you need to ask your consultant questions.

    Introduction: Enlarged periportal lymph nodes are frequently visualized during imaging of the upper abdomen. Periportal nodes are frequently enlarged in patients with cancers of the liver, gallbladder, biliary tree and pancreas and lymphoma and their identification is essential step in staging and treatment planning of these cancers. However there is no published data on the significance and differential diagnosis of enlarged periportal lymph nodes in patients without above-mentioned cancers. Methods: We searched our database of patients who 1) underwent endoscopic ultrasound for evaluation of enlarged periportal lymph nodes or 2) were found to have enlarged periportal lymph nodes during EUS examination. Patients with identifiable pancreatic, biliary, gallbladder or liver cancers were excluded.

    I don't fully understand all this. Still, ask questions about your personal circumstances. There is so much they can do for even worse case scenarios.

    Hugs to you,


  • Thank you Stella, I did google it and read this and that's what scared me, but truthfully I didn't really understand it.

  • I know, it's hard to understand. Get your consultant to explain it to you so you don't worry yourself to death. I know the feeling. How do you feel otherwise?

  • I feel ok Ktltel, I have been taking Omeprazole for my dodgy belly. and its worked wonders. I do get the fatigue that comes with PBC.

  • If you google the words seperately it explains it in simpler terms - not that I understand it either. I found this -

    Lymphadenopathy or lymphadenitis refers to lymph nodes which are abnormal in size, number or consistency and is often used as a synonym for swollen or enlarged lymph nodes. Common causes of lymphadenopathy are infection, autoimmune disease, or malignancy.

    Hope you find the right answers soon

  • Thank you Angel_b. I will try that.

  • Hi bullett

    Can you make a double appointment with your GP to get some clarification. I know we have to be our own advocates but I think this is something that needs a bit of professional help. I hope you have a good GP or that there is one in the surgery. Alternatively perhaps the PBC Foundation could help you via their access to professionals in the field.

    I had an endoscopy earlier this year, I opted not to have sedation - if I had to have another I would opt for light sedation.

    best wishes

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