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My wife update


Hello, I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to answer my first post (titled my wife) it made such a difference knowing people cared and had good advice which helped me at a low point.

We saw the specialist today, the liver biopsy came back as negative for PBC, s the blood tests were false readings, my wife is out of hospital now and her bilirubin level continues to drop. Although the specialists don't know, they believe she has had a very bad liver infection but they have no idea what.

Thanks to everyone with kind words, keep it up as there will be others feeling the same way.

Love and hugs


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How wonderful. I hope she continues to progress and they figure it all out.

Take care,



I'm sorry Mark, that you had to go through that. The doctor should of at least tested her AMA's and other blood work. On the other hand congratulations to you and your wife.

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You can apparently have a negative reading for the AMAs even if you have PBC. This is one reason why a liver biopsy is performed, any doubt as to diagnosis a biopsy apparently shows cell changes to show PBC.

I was checked for antibodies back in late 2010 after other blood tests (Wilson's Disease - copper overload, etc) came back negative. I was just found to have a high titre (measure) of the AMAs and I understand that you have to have a certain high reading for PBC diagnosis along with symptons (in 2010 I had itching and fatigue) and the blood work that is out of normal range.

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I didn't know that a certain high titre reading was needed. I'm having my biopsy April 6, I'm expecting some real bad news to come of it but it is what it is. I'm still just floored that this has happened

Hi Mark01823

Thanks for the update on your wife. I am so glad that the specialist has completed their investigation and thankfully your wife is ok and making a full recovery. It is distressing to get a diagnosis of a liver disease, as everyone on this site knows. So I am glad that the good advice and kind words posted was helpful.

Take care ☺

Hi Mark01823

Good to read your news. Best wishes to your wife for a full and speedy recovery. Thank you for telling us I think you must be a lovely kind husband.

Best wishes

Great outcome very happy for you both xx

Brilliant news - so pleased for you xx

Best wishes to you and your wife x

Great news, best wishes for a quick recovery. xx

So happy for you and your wife! May God continue to bless your family.

Great news mark!

That's great news Mark! :-)

I'm glad it's come back negative for PBC ... I hope you both find answers soon :)

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