Feeling bit less tired and fresh

While doing some research on how to get rid of tiredness, I came across a post on liver foundation that somesaid said lemon juice with its rind in hot water in the morning helps. I take one forth of lemon juice of organic and unwaxed lemon and put it with the skin on in the glass and pour hot water and I take it empty stomach first thing in the morning. today is my third day and I feel a difference in terms of sleepiness, tiredness and heaviness in legs.

Has anyone done or doing something like this? And felt a difference?

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  • Hi Mg40, Yes I also have lemon juice with hot water in the morning, and Yes it helps me to :-)

  • Hi Mg40

    Thanks for sharing this, might give it a try myself. Up for trying anything that helps with the tiredness. ☺

  • If you are not big fan of sour taste then you could also add little bit of honey. I hope this works for you as it is working for me.

  • Thanks I am definitely going to try it. ☺

  • When I'm tired or feel fatigue I drink Red Bull it helps me

  • Please be careful with Red Bull

  • I've drank lemon and hot water first thing in the morning for many years , I personally never noticed any difference in tiredness but it did ruin the enamel on my teeth .

  • Tomorrow will be my third day. I will let you know. I'm awake late at night into the 2 to 3am morning hours. I have to work on this. But when I do manage to get up I'm groggy or foggy tired all day. My life has certainly been affected by this and it couldn't of come at a worse time

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