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Hi all,

I was wondering if there is any information regarding the PBC prognosis of having a positive ANA as well as AMA. So far I have only been diagnosed with PBC and no other autoimmune conditions. I read one study meant that it may mean the disease could have a worsened prognosis if you also were ANA positive. Can anyone shed some light on this and if you were ANA positive and how your disease is progressing?


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  • Hi i have both, now have 5 autoimmune things but my PBC bit is doing fine. Urso is working just a case of managing them all.

  • Thanks for responding. Glad your PBC is responding to urso!

  • Hi I have positive ANA and AMA responding to the URSO and I have Sjogrens so maybe why I have Ana very common in autoimmune diseases I am doing pretty good all normal labs I have PBC stage 2 I am a patient at University Of Michigan liver clinic and was told I will most likely die of something else, hope this helps. Good luck to you let us know how you are doing.

  • Hi, I think I've seen this study too. I used to have positive ANA and AMA, but now have only AMA, so it can come and go. I do also have other AI diseases, and ANA is known to be quite a non-specific marker for AI disease in general.

    Based on that information, and the fact that my PBC has remained fairly stable for 15 yrs, I recommend that you don't worry yourself further about your prognosis. It's natural to want to know, but with PBC you can waste energy trying to obtain certainty where none exists!

    Many people have said, and I believe it too, that the best way forward is to enjoy life to the full and not worry about something that may never happen. This really does get easier with time, so be encouraged!

  • You are so right and I am working on getting my brain in that frame of mind. It's just been a bit overwhelming with the diagnosis and the unknowns but I will get there! Thank you!

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