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Skin issues

Does anyone suffer from small hard fatty lumps similar to milia but look like blackheads on their face , I have a good quality skincare routine so I know it's not down to clogged pores but everyday there seems more, I've tried all sorts of skincare but nothing shifts them, I'm getting quite self councious about them , I'm wondering if I should pay to see a dermatologist, I'm sure it's linked to the pbc though , anyone else with skin issues?

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Hello Harley2016.

They sound like whiteheads. I have had the odd one from time to time. Unlike blackheads we are not supposed to squeeze, whiteheads won't work like that. They do vanish if they are lanced.

It is also said that with PBC we can have what are known as fatty deposits under the skin, some get around the eyes and at this moment in time I cannot think what they are known as but they are cholesterol-formed. These are not round in shape like whiteheads though. I've not got the fatty deposits of PBC but can't say if I will/won't in future.


Hi, thanks for your reply I don't believe they are whiteheads as I have these also, whiteheads (milia) cannot be removed (squeezed) as there is no pore and doing so can cause scarring they need to be removed professionally but what I have are hard fatty lumps with a black centre, just wonder if it's pbc realated as it's only been quite a recent problem.


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