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Red/purple skin colour

Hello, the last few weeks I have been noticing I am getting red/purple skin that looks like bruising all over my feet and down my arms, has anyone else had this, feel like I'm turning into a hypochondriac! Also my mood swings are going from agitated to just wanting to cry, I know I'm tired as I'm not sleeping great at the moment but it's wearing me down at the moment :-(

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Hi @+Yvonnejulie

I cam empathize with mood swings and teariness. I find I can be very irritable and intolerant. I wonder sometimes how I hold back tears.

I do not have the discolouration you describe but wonder, if no one on here has this as a problem, the Foundation maybe be able to answer you.

Hope you have good support around you, I do but even then I can feel very alone.

Best wishes


Hi, I have patches on my face sometimes but then they go. My skin is not too good and I notice dry patches all over. I had actual lumps of what felt like dandruff on my head . Lots of hot oil treatments later and it had gone. I think it's something to do with salt in my case. I wont bother the GP with it and I might speak to the nurse. My hairdresser said it was stress! Oh well.


I am so sorry! This crazy disease! I have "bruising" on my feet and legs. I was told that I bruise very easily because my platelet count is so low. It can also be venous insufficiency, which causes the blood pooling in the feet, which looks like bruising, or a combination of both. Please let me know what you find out about your symptoms. You are not a hypochondriac! Hope you will be able to get some rest. All the best to you!


gmo3352 - what is your platelet count?


62....I am I the US, I don't know if the UK uses the same measurement...


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