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A suddern burning in my skin

Hi all. I've found my way here due to searching for red palms.

I don't know if Summer UK 2016 was humid or whether I was coming down with liver problems. Everyone else seemed to love the heat, whereas I could hardly move from one bench to the other in the park due to sweating. I am a drinker and have been for many years. I thought I'd got away with it.

I had Hep A many years ago from a flu vac due to a poss dirty needle.

The awakening was sudden.

When walking my dog I felt the sides of my bra and elasticated waist band burning so badly I had to go home to strip off. I then spent the rest of the Summer in front of a fan day and night as the sweat felt like it was burning my skin.

That subsided somewhat and I continued to drink, but then the welts and intense itching appeared 2017. I sat two hours last night as each patch flared into welts. Dusting with medicated talc helped.

I've not been diagnosed by a GP. I'm quite happy to die and wish it was soon as I hate my life.

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No Jaffa1947, please don't say that. All here on this forum are very supportive, loving and kind. Please get help. See your doctor. There is help with PBC. I believe in the highest of help. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Somethings in life we simply can't accomplish on our own. Could be this is your thing. So, why not talk with others here. There is hope.


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This breaks my heart. I've never responded on here before but I feel compelled to this time. Being sick or finding out something is wrong with our body is very hard to understand for many of us. I went into a deep depression after a " nurse" told me that I have PBC.. I've not been diagnosed by a dr but it hit me so hard that I lost 12 pounds in 1 month! We all understand your pain but you should really speak with your dr or someone about how you're feeling.. I'm saying a very special prayer for you right now. I have faith that things are gonna get better for you.. I'm here if you need to talk about ANYTHING. God Bless


Hello jaffa1947.

Your current patches and welts do not sound like PBC. I started itching in early 2010 (diagnosed with PBC December 2010), I had nothing where I was feeling prickles and itching. The only marks were the ones I made in the early days from scratching.

I too am no sun-lover, never have been but after being diagnosed with PBC and my Vitamin D said to be 'on the line' I don't bother anymore, sit in the sun, etc despite feeling hot and prickly as I find itch can create prickling I don't normally experience during the day much (as it is confined to later at night).

Sorry you are feeling down, it's not easy having certain health issues and I know in the UK I have found GPs and doctors simply make me feel more stressed out as I find they do not seem to listen since I was diagnosed and pre-2010 I'd not been with any health issue since 1999. The current one I see seems to chatter away as she 'knows' best and then throw me back through the door . I don't think I ever get the considered 10mins appt that is a guide, I'm in and out in less!

The first step regarding any liver issue is to have bloods done (the LFTs - liver function test) is the norm as well as the full blood count (FBC). This would then perhaps start to alleviate any worries. You might consider drastically reducing your liquid intake (no offence but I translate your word 'drinker' meaning alcohol) meanwhile, see how you feel. Make an appointment to see your GP with your current skin issue and take it from there. It will certainly give you some reassurance.


Hi Jaffa1947,Have you considered the itchy hands and welts might be an allergy to something? Maybe try one of the hayfever remedies and see if that helps. You'd maybe need to check it wouldn't interfere with any meds you're on first.


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