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Head on overtime ...any ideas how 2 stop it please?

Hi, 51 yr old peter pan type female 😇. Diagnosed PSC 2006, seen QEH BHam by Nueberger/Hirschfield semi change diagnosis PSC / PBC 2012 (wont have colonoscopy to determine as Meds etc wont change therefore dont see point). Go Bham every 6 months have ultrasound see Drs take bloods.

Went December as normal ... had EEG extra as head fuddled more than "norm" 😂😂. Had ultrasound went into 2 see Hirschie babe and then WHAM 😲😔😢 gotta go back end Jan/ beg Feb for CT scan as "spotted something, not sure exactly what, but be wrong if didnt check it out" found on ultrasound!"🤔 Head royally up ones bottom 2 say the least ... ok one minute 🤗🙃😜 then 😯😔😢😢😢😢 ...

I know tis just a process of coping with unknown but gettin very tired of it now soooo anyone know where the reset button or off switch is?? 😞 😉 cos my serously need to rest or may not make it to appointment....any help/comments/ideas/kicks up the ass 😉 gratefully recieved guys xx Thanks 😘

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Hi, sorry to hear the challenges you're having.

I'm new to this forum (got PBC) but I know there are techniques for 'interrupting' unwanted thoughts. Some people find this easier than others, but try deliberately cutting off the thought as soon as it occurs. Don't believe that you have to keep thinking it or following through to next stage, instead believe that you can say 'no' to it, or clap your hands once to end it, whatever works for you! Then, distract yourself straight away with an activity that occupies your attention fully. Continue cutting the thoughts off until this becomes easier. Never allow them more than a few seconds of head room and you should soon find you're winning.

Very best of luck!


Thank you so much ...my will give it a go ... i could apply this across the board 🙄🤔- thought tho is how to distinguish between those things i should take time to think about and those that just rag my head 😂😂😂...thanks again 😊


Aliphillips, If I read that correctly, you have quite a few things going on because of both PSC and PBC. And it is a lot to wrap your head around! Take a deep breath.... several of them. There is a lot of good advice on this forum. The unknown is scary. Very scary. Not knowing what else they will find is wreaking havoc on your emotional well-being. We have all been there! You aren't alone. They found a mass on my MRCP scan and I had to wait "a month" before the ERCP procedure was done in order to find out it was.... nothing. I have PBC in my blood but it's not manifested itself in my bile ducts or liver. Great! You say? Yes, it would be if I could take URSO. But I can't. I had a seriously bad reaction to it. Super sick for 3 weeks. So since Oct. 2016 I feel a bit like a sitting duck during hunting season. Wait and watch. Talk about stress. Keep in mind, stress comes in..... and stress has to have an outlet or it will most certainly make life miserable for you until your diagnostic procedure. If you can walk.... Walk. Meditate, pray, whatever tickles your fancy right now. But give that stress an outlet. Don't allow the unknown to rob you of the now. It's not easy. Reading about what others have experienced on here too can be a comfort. Just know, again, you're not alone. I'm sorry you're having to deal with all of this. Once you have those definite answers, you can proceed with a clearer head and heart. I'm hoping the best for you! ❤

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😊Thanks and i try to walk my babies on the beach which works until later on when home and sat on my lonesome ... gonna try reading, listening to favourite songs etc and will definitely be doing the "i can hear u knocking but u cant come in" as suggested by Skypony. Will let u knoe how it goes 😆😎🤗😇


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