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I recently saw some advice from NICE to GP's treating people with, or at risk of, NAFLD (non alcoholic fatty liver disease) suggesting a diet rich in Vitamin E. I don't have NAFLD but I'm interested in diet and how we can support our liver, our systems, in managing PBC so I googled Vitamin E rich foods and found this which I thought might be of interest to others.

It mentions one of the benefits being hair thickening and, whilst I can't vouch for this site, I know thinning hair is an issue for some on this site so I thought I'd post the link.

Best wishes to all, Cx

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  • Hello Chrisprio.

    As far as I know the fat soluble vitamins can be a problem in absorption with PBC (and I expect any liver issue). Vitamin D is one that many can be deficient in and in the UK with our lack of sunshine if you are in the North (I am North West so we lack sunshine a lot) this is one that some take supplements for. Vitamins A and K are also fat solubles and even though it's said that a high fat intake isn't beneficial with a liver disorder, we do need some fat in the diet for these vitamins.

    I have never had Vitamin E mentioned to me since I was diagnosed with PBC 2010 though I did have a blood check prior to diagnosis and the doctor stated that all my vitamins and minerals were testing normal. I did when I started itching early 2010 (diagnosed with PBC December 2010) have a short course of iron as mine was a bit low but since usually checked normal (as the cause was found - minor nose graze that caused nose bleeding at times). I had a Vitamin D check following diagnosis, the consultant stated it was 'a bit low' but he wasn't recommending supplements. When I saw the reading it was on the line.

    I don't look on a lot of health sites online as I don't trust them and find that a lot are marketing. I think the site you posted is American perhaps?

    I did check on our NHS website and apparently Vitamin E isn't required daily (I've posted the website, several paragraphs down) and in the case of certain vitamins and minerals we can overdose so I personally wouldn't go there myself.

  • Hi Chrisprio

    Thank you for sharing. I understand that all of us are different with our PBC but it would be helpful if doctors in the UK were happier to help with knowledge of this sort. I have recently started on vitamins A E and K and have been taking vitamin D for a while. I am given B12 injections because I also have pernicious anaemia. The A D E and K are self medicated but it would be good to know that we are doing the right thing. I suppose whilst my blood numbers are within parameters I am not doing any harm.

    Best wishes

  • thanks for that. love grace xoxoxo

  • Thank you! Was just diagnosed with that 6 hours ago!!

  • I'm sorry to hear that. Best wishes. Cx

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