Hi I have been told that 5 years ago when I had a scan they identified that I had a fatty liver and was only told this last week! I am waiting for a scan and have been told to avoid alcohol and start a diet. I was thinking of joining slimming world would anyone recommend this? Also would I be able to have the syns that include limited fats i.e. crisps etc? My Mum has NASH so I want to act safely for my son's and my sakes. I want us all to be healthy and reverse this but live a little as long as it's not detrimental to their health. Some say that slimming world will enable us to be healthy and still enjoy the naughty foods without harming our livers, so I'm looking for advice please

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  • Hi I joined slimming world 18 months ago the food plan is a low fat one which is ideal. I have now lost over 4 1/2 stone and have only had 1 hospital stay in the last 14 months compared to 5 hospital stays I had in the 3 months before I started Slimming World. It is a really easy plan to follow I would highly recommend.

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm so pleased everything is getting better for you. Do you have syns still? If you do does this include crisps, cakes and biscuits? I want to help my boys as well and don't want them binging on high fat and sweets to accommodate their craving.

  • I got the Nash and pbc talk a few years ago. Being a tick on the heavy side, they told me to drop 10 percent of my body weight. 25 to 30 pounds have been dropped and I'm stronger. My secret is to eat all the time and workout a couple times a week. Plus I don't ever stop moving, keeping up our place.

  • Thank you. I have been told the same so I'm starting swimming and the gym. I know I can beat this and it's all down to me and determination which for the first time in ages I have the will power to sort myself out 😀

  • I too joined SW because of the low fat regime. Helps keep my weight down, social evening and I stay reasonably healthy. The syns are recommended to help sugar/fat cravings and limit intake. I personally use mine for dressings and sauces so not a problem.

  • Thank you. The amount of syns you have still keep you in a low fat healthy eating plan? I have been advised I can have 15 syns a day but was thinking of keeping this to 10. Do you think this is okay to enable me to have sauces and the odd packet of French Fries?

  • I try to keep mine down to 10 or less and use mine for sauces and/or dressings (and the odd vodka, no wine). And got to my target weight with that. Think it's what suits you because it's no good trying to keep to an eating plan that's so difficult to keep.

  • I joined SW 3 weeks ago, hoping to shift my steroid weight. So far I have lost 7lb. Tbh I've changed full fat everything to low or no fat, I have fruit instead of sweet treats, still have a small amount of whole meal bread most days, usually I have 10-15 suns a day but often less. It doesn't feel like a diet because I don't get hungry. I've never dieted or cut back on anything as weight hasn't been a problem up until now. It certainly works and is sensible enough for most, without being a total slave to a regime. I really like the flexibility of it. I'm very happy with it and sure you will be as well. Good luck😄

  • Thank you so much I am feeling so much better now😁

  • I use all my syns often on crisps, biscuits, chocolate, I find it best not to deny myself then I don't binge. It allows me to make better choices for example swapping Hula Hoops for Hula Hoop Pufts or having a Curly Wurly instead of a Mars bars. X

  • This makes me feel better knowing my boys can still have the naughty food but mainly eat healthy 😁

  • I lost 4st with Slmming World and still have chocolate, cakes etc in moderation. It's not so much a diet as a healthy eating plan and it's one that you can use as a whole family. I'd certainly recommend it to you!

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