Itching and slightly elevated bilirubin

Hello everyone i am new here. From last two month i am suffering from itching all over by body. My all LFTs are within range except bilirubin which is 1.8 (total) and direct bilirubin is .5mg/dl. My age is 25 and i was moderate drinker. I have quit alcohal two month back but still i have itching. I affraid that i might have cirhosis. Please let me know is there any possibility of chronic liver diesese. Sorry for my poor english.

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  • Hello Shanky2017.

    Itching can be a common sympton in liver conditions.

    There are various liver conditions that can cause the LFTs (the bilirubin is part of the LFTs) to be out of normal range as in higher than normal.

    Not being a doctor I cannot say regarding anything like cirrhosis. My LFTs are still above normal range, have been since I had my first one taken early 2010 when I started itching all over my body and it was quite bad then. I was diagnosed with PBC December 2010.

    There are other things that are taken into consideration too, other medications if one is taking can cause certain abnormalities on blood tests. Not drinking alcohol for awhile might give a better picture of your LFTs but I expect in a normal person who only drinks moderately nothing might change. I would expect things to look a bit differently if a diagnosed liver condition though though they might not necessarily, I don't know this as I was never much of a drinker pre-2010 and since not bothered with alcohol.

    I would expect your doctor to explain your bilirubin for one and then he/she would take things from there.

  • Hi shanky2017.

    Peridot is right. Speak to your doctor and ask him to explain and you might want to ask him to refer you to a liver specialist. Don't panic at this stage - stopping drinking will certainly reduce your liver's workload. Good luck. Adele

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