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liver pain

for the past little bit, I've been feeling a dull pain where my liver is. I'm not a doctor but that can't be good.

I've also gained a TON of weight since my diagnosis in April (from my poor coping strategy of eating) and now with the prednisone I'm taking that causes additional weight gain and especially in the stomach and breasts. I look pregnant and I'm not joking. I've just accepted the fact that people who don't know me will think I'm pregnancy and I've just had to be ok with that.

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Hi Becca75

Can you get to see a doctor, not sure which country you are in but if here in the UK I know how difficult it is to see someone. What do you take the prednisone for, I know it comes with some side effects? You possibly need a blood test to see what is going on with you.

Try to get yourself onto a diet rich in vegetables and fruit, not easy when you are working long hours and possible have a stressful job. Oddly once off the comfort foods I felt better. I hardly have any sugar now and rarely have I had processed foods.

Really think a distended tummy needs checking by you medical provider, let us know how you get on.


Hi - I have a wonderful specialist that I see every three months. I am seeing her Thursday (one month after my last apt). At my last appointment I was also diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis and that's what I take Prednisone for as well as the URSO for the PBC.

I've made some changes - and am "off" the comfort food - and sticking to healthier choices and trying not to let the Prednisone take control over my eating. (it either makes me hungry all the time so I wanna eat all the time, or it makes me sick to my stomach).

I have my blood drawn every two weeks to keep a close eye on things. But the weight gain from all this is horrible and I feel at my worst. No lie, I look like I'm 6 months pregnant and my face has blown right up - it's called moon face and is due to prednisone but also the weight I've gained. I want to feel back to normal again. I'm hoping changing my comfort foods will help with that! :) I need to take some control back instead of feeling my feelings.

But I will mention this dull ache in my liver area when I go see her.

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I have pain in the liver area, it's the first symptom I had that got me to the liver doctor I still have it everyday it's not rare anymore as the latest studies online state that 17% of PBC patients report this pain. I have good health now started treatment with URSO in May all labs in normal range now and I still have liver area pain so I am not worried about it anymore now that I know what it is and all labs normal and I feel pretty good lately, ask your doctor for a full check up to rule out other healthy issues then if all ok don't let this pain worry you . Let us know how you are doing ....

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Hi Michiganpbc, and all. I was diagnosed with PBC 3 years ago. Recently I had shooting pain under right ribs on several occasions so mentioned this to my Consultant when I went for my annual review. By then it had changed to a dull ache, only mild but noticeable every day. I had a liver scan yesterday, they also checked my gall bladder as the Consultant thought I might have stones. Pleased to say, no stones, no problem with gall bladder, the steonographer said the liver looks normal. Walked out of there with a smile on my face, woke this morning with a pain under left and right rib!!!!! If this is liver 'pain' I can live with it but how very odd that the liver looks 'normal' not inflamed, but there is pain. I'm hoping it will remain low grade discomfort and not worsen - what have you all found?

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Mine is the same most days dull mild ache, about once a week or every other week it gets moderate worse so I take Tylenol which is fine for me to take my doctor said everyone is different so ask your doctor if you can take anything for bad pain.


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