Life is good😊😊

Was diagnosed with pbc in April of 2014. Lost my dad the same week. My life as I once knew it would never be the same. 2 and a half years later I am so happy to be me. Could have been diagnosed with something much worse. My advice.. live life one day at a time everyone should. When I feel good I live to the fullest.. When I feel bad I try not to complain..I don't have the energy. Very few people know I have pbc. Surround your self with positive people!

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  • Kentay. Wow what an incredible person!. I can relate a little with you, as regards to our PBC and I also lost my son suddenly in 2014 (he was only 45). 3 months later my husband I was married to for 49,also died. If I did not surround me with positive people, I do not know what my destiny would have been. Losing your child is the hardest thing I ever went through. Not a day goes by I do not miss them, but I have all the fondest memories. I also only take it day by day. I was diagnosed in 2009. So nice to read your positive outlook. Keep it up!!!

  • I was diagnosed with pbc June 2016 felt really ill. Started taking urso now I fee great. Two weeks ago my 10 year old grandson was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia. He is really ill and getting some tough and intense treatment and we Are all praying he wins this terrible battle with cancer. You are so right. There are much worse diseases than pbc!!!

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