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Evie 53

Hi my name is Yvonne I'm 63 years young and have recently diagnosed with PBC.

I have nodules throughout the liver, high enzymes, itching, joint pain and fever.

I'm on 900mg Ursofalk and will have a blood test in January before seeing my specialist hopefully the medication might slow down the progress of the disease, although my specialist has been pretty honest with me regarding the stage I'm at.

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Hi Evie. Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your news. I've just been diagnosed with PBC so it new to me. Going for scan on Saturday then endoscopy next Thursday. Then I have appointment with liver consultant on 30th November to discuss results and medication. I have no idea what stage I am at and have been informed that this can only be diagnosed if I have a liver biopsy. Therefore I can't give you any advice about your symptoms yet as at the moment I don't seem to have any apart from lethargy and tiredness. Take care and keep me informed of how things are going and I will let you know too 😀


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