Medical retirement / ill health retirement

I am working for local government. I am on sick leave since last few months due to health problem. I am going through medical retirement / ill health retirement process. I have had two face to face occupational health assessment and then my employer sent forms for ill health retirement to IRMP, who indicated tire 3 IHR. I am not happy with the decision, therefore I provided further information about my health problem. The IRMP denied to change his/her opinion hence the company asked another IRMP to review my case. I am still waiting to hear from them but am not very hopeful. I wanted to know how to appeal if you are not happy with the tire of ill health retirement. Thank you in advance

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  • I think we've written to each other on this topic before. Unfortunately like I've previously mentioned I worked in the nhs and had no idea what tier to expect until the very end. This came as a complete shock as I got tier 2 and there are only 2 in nhs this being the higher one.

    I don't know what IRMP is but can your union rep not advise? 😊

  • I agree. Your union rep should get involved or perhaps your consultant. I was awarded level 1 in July 16 from local Government job.good luck.

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