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Medical retirement / ill health retirement

I am working for local government. I am on sick leave since last few months due to health problem. I am going through medical retirement / ill health retirement process. I have had two face to face occupational health assessment and then my employer sent forms for ill health retirement to IRMP, who indicated tire 3 IHR. I am not happy with the decision, therefore I provided further information about my health problem. The IRMP denied to change his/her opinion hence the company asked another IRMP to review my case. I am still waiting to hear from them but am not very hopeful. I wanted to know how to appeal if you are not happy with the tire of ill health retirement. Thank you in advance

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I think we've written to each other on this topic before. Unfortunately like I've previously mentioned I worked in the nhs and had no idea what tier to expect until the very end. This came as a complete shock as I got tier 2 and there are only 2 in nhs this being the higher one.

I don't know what IRMP is but can your union rep not advise? 😊


I agree. Your union rep should get involved or perhaps your consultant. I was awarded level 1 in July 16 from local Government job.good luck.


Hi All,

I am really hoping someone can offer me some advice!

I am just starting this process and had an appointment with the ohp from work over the phone.

I have just received his report and he states fibromyalgia does come under a disability, but is not a 'Serious underlying medical condition'? and that it does not fit the ill health retirement criteria as it is not a permanent condition?

He has said that i am not fit for duty and i won't be for the foreseeable future? and i may well be ill for 5 - 10 years?

He also said stress makes the condition worse.

My manager has emailed me to ask if i would like to self refer for ill health retirement, which think i will do but the have also given me a date of 28th DEC for my capability hearing and i only got notification through the post today! which only leaves me 20 days in which to prepare? over the christmas leave period and i am having trouble contacting anyone!

i think they will sack me for medical inefficiency as the only question they asked the ohp was "will she be able to give regular and effective service?" and as i have said above he has basically said no i won't.

Pension scheme rules are more complicated as they have just in April changed over our pensions, so the majority of my pension is in the old scheme, so i do not know how it will work, will i be eligible for the new scheme rules? Does anyone have any ideas?

If i am, i may be eligible for a provisional ill health pension that they can give it to you over a set time for example 5 years and after this time you have to attend another medical? they can do this if they are not convinced the illness is permanent?

This just does not seem fair after 20 years service :-<

Does anyone have any advice? anything at all that may help me?

Any ideas where I could get any evidence or articles to back up that i am unlikely to get any better now been sick since '2010' diagnosed '2013' and have just got worse and worse trying to fight this illness by continuing to work full-time,in a very stressful and volatile environment, working shifts and bringing up my two children on my own and caring for my sick mother.

I am not the brightest bauble on the christmas tree so ANY help/advice would be so very welcome.

apologies for the long post :-< If you have got this far..Thank you for taking the time!

Happy Christmas to All

Sending Gentle hugs & Many Thanks



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