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Acute kidney infection

Hi all. Just wondered if anyone has any information on the above. I have been diagnosed for many years but the condition is under control at present with Urso. I have recently been hospitalised with an acute kidney infection , although I have never even had a water infection in my life. This escalated rapidly without any warning and was quite frightening. I am wondering whether this could be related to my pbc and whether this might mean that my body is not as healthy as it was and whether this could mean my pbc is progressing. Be grateful to hear from anyone with any similar experiences.

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I have just been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, just from my test results for PBC, by my new doctor. I raised this with my ( old) consultant and he said as I was very fit ( and perhaps being 76) to more or less forget about it.

As I have moved house I am going to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham in December for the first time so will be interested in what a new consultant will make of it.

As my ( old ) consultant kept me in very good health for the last 16 years I was happy to go with what he said. His view has always been that the more pills/ tablets you take the more problems it starts . I do realise that for some people it is vital to take medication and I suppose if I was told it was necessary I would too.

So to go back to your question, I have PBC and now In have a kidney problem but whether it is connected or whether I'm just getting older I just don't know.

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Hello Oidra and Mollymoo 50.

When I reached 50 2 years ago my GP did an additional blooc check when I reached 50. It was for kidney function as I found.

The results were just under normal but it was stated that as we get older kidney function starts to wane somewhat and I was informed that for me it was just quite fine.

I've never had any kidney problems nor really had any urinary infections over my lifetime but I don't know if having PBC can have some effect on kidneys. The only medications I've taken since 1999 besides the urso was of a rare occasion the odd paracetamol (had toothache the year before I started to itch but didn't even take the recommended dose in 24hrs of paracetamol).

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It was interesting to hear your experience Peridot. In one way it is good that we are tested frequently to monitor progress but it also brings other conditions to light that may or may not be anything to do with PBC

In my case It could be connected or it could just be the body ageing, but for younger people there must be other factors. Really I don't have an answer for Mollymoo50


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