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Abdominal cramps

Hi I was diagnosed with PBC about a year and a half ago, am on Urso, recently I started to get cramps accross the top part of my abdomen accross my ribs when I move into certain positions - been going on for a few months - just visited an out of hours doctor as cramping constent - they advised I get my bloods done with my own GP as they didn't know what the cause is. I'm just wondering if anything to do with PBC or if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks

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Hi - I have digestive issues with PBC and Urso - that's from the liver and i don't know if the urso exacerbated it or not. but once i started on prednisone for my AIH it went away - the cramping and the IBS that was suddenly active after years of no issues. I still have digestive issues for sure but the pain part of it all is gone. My dr thinks maybe i had some sort of bowel inflammation we didn't know about and maybe the prednisone helped it.


Thank you x


Hi I also get the bad cramps that i cannot stand and i throw up. Doctor and hospital dont know whats causing it. Not hernia or gallstones.


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