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Oh well, here goes. I was on high care rate DLA for 10 yrs, now they have awarded me just 7 points. Doesn't matter that I have R.A, PBC, Raynauds, Osteoarthritis,Osteoporosis. The fact I can make an attempt to put makeup on, understand a conversation, count, pay my bills, and do not have a diagnosis of "any anxiety related disorder or sensory impairment".

Having illnesses as above does not make me feel happy at all, I ache, I get depressed, my fingers go purple, I get so knackered after trying to dry my hair, i need another shower.....

The guy doing my assessment was totally judgemental, and put "his own take on things" .

I am just upset. x

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:( I understand why you're so upset :( being judged in any capacity is bad enough, but that is horrible. It is his job to do just that though I suppose, but I wonder what criteria he used to come to his decision, or is it just by opinion?


Hello jennymora.

I have no experience of DLA (or the new PiP that DLA is supposed to be replaced with) but I do keep note on here just in case....I need in future.

Not sure if this organisation can be of any help for you with disability but might be worth having a look.



I don't have first hand experience of claiming PIP, but a friend has, however the advice I can share is : Appeal in all cases.

Always be careful how you complete the questions if your asked if can you do/or not do something before you answer , consider if you can do this as well or as easily as someone else of a similar age who has full health.

As many of us still do everything but it is harder/slower or causes us more pain or we have adapted ways of coping. We are still apt to say yes we can do it, without explaining how we do it and the consequences. Hope it's of some help.


Hi Jennymora

Sorry to hear that you have been upset with your recent medical assessment. As Candy12 has advised I would also say that it is worth trying to appeal the decision. Your local Citizen's Advice may have specialist workers who can assist you with this, or as in the area where I work local voluntary organisations or charities might be able to assist you. There is an excellent website - Benefits and work that provide regular free updates on sickness/disability benefits. They also provide really excellent on-line guides for applying for benefits and appealing. To access the guides you have to purchase a 12 month membership which is usually under 20 pounds. The guides are really informative and go through each of the stages applying, attending a medical and appealing and attending tribunal.

Might be worth you having a look to see if they could be of use to you, I have attached details of the website:


Good luck, I hope you get the proper recognition for the effects of your chronic conditions.


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