Holidaying in Oklahoma

Just about to leave Oklahoma and return to Southampton, UK. Have had a wonderful time, swimming, horse riding, canoeing and visiting historical sites. Temperature in the mid 30s and so much energy I could burst. Had PBC for over 10 years now and seem to feel better all the time. Thought I would pass on a positive message. Chat to you all when I get home. Xx

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  • Good news. Glad you had a good time.

  • Definitely a blast of sunshine seems to help my sis with her PBC symptoms. Hope this top up of natural vitamin D keeps your energy on a high for as long as possible. Enjoy the boost and glad you were able to have a great trip.

  • Sounds like you had a wonderful time, so encouraging to any newbies to see life goes on. X

  • Glad you are feeling well and had a great time in Ok. You are talking Celsius when you said the 30s, correct? I live one state over in Arkansas and it's in the 90s:). Safe travels.

  • Wonderful - so encouraging for the rest of us too. Thanks for posting this very positive message. I am going to sit in the sunshine for a bit :)

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