Hi everyone,

so this week I've been noticing some fogginess in this brain of mine. I'm usually a word person - good with words - can find the one I want and am fuzzy when I try to explain some things. It's weird for me. I know someone before posted about brain fogginess - I hadn't experienced it yet. this is weird. From what I've read it can come along with fatigue - but what can I do other than sleep all the time lol

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  • Hello, I too get the foggy brain which isn't good when your the manager of a betting shop trying to work out odds etc, I have started taking the borruca (you but on a good day herbal) I have the one that dissolves on your tongue and that seems to help me for a little while, it's worth a try ;-)

  • thanks i'll look into it

  • Hi,

    I struggle with finding words, names, finishing sentences and remembering things, all of which are there and then gone and do come back again sometimes, I find it so hard as I have been a good communicator all my life and my work depends on me remembering names.

    I don't have a cure but more sleep is not it for me, day time naps make me feel worse!

    Please share anything you find works and good luck in your search for it.

    Jax xx

  • totally like me - I feel like superwomen without my cape when I can't communicate clearly

  • Yes me too, I think 'cognitive difficulties' is one of the auto immune symptoms. I too am hoping for some replies! Kandiepat

  • Hi, I've been through episodes of brain fog and cognitive difficulties with liver issues, but also with thyroid issues. I went through a period of low thyroid function about 10 years ago, but it has been resolved now.

    Brain fog is scary because I feel like my brain, what I think, and how I think is who I am. That's my personality, right? Not really. It was important for me to separate who I am and how my brain is behaving. For example, if I can't put words together or solve a puzzle like I used to, its not that I am now stupid. Its that my brain is being foggy right now. I don't know, maybe that separation doesn't really matter to a lot of people, but for me it relieved a lot of distress for when the brain fog hit. So any time I have trouble with memory, attention span, regulating moods, emotions, problem solving, anything to do with words or verbal communication, math, decision making, or judgement... its not necessarily me, its just my brain getting tired.

    A lot of times, when the body is struggling or unhealthy, the brain is the first area that we see symptoms. The brain really struggles when the body is low on fuel or dealing with toxins. Unfortunately, its the liver's job to regulate blood sugar for fuel and to filter toxins out of the blood, so a struggling liver can greatly impact brain function. One way to help out is to eat a healthy diet of foods that are easy to digest (think salmon with brain healthy fats instead of a thick, dense steak), and cut out any toxins that our liver would have to deal with (like the ingredients in processed foods that are hard to pronounce). Sometimes we are merely dehydrated, but a bit of dehydration can cause brain function to significantly decrease.

    There's not much I can do about having PBC. And one of the side effects is brain fog. But, if I do everything I possibly can to rule out all the other causes of brain fog and help make my liver's job easier, it really goes a long way to keep me mentally sharp. It helps with fatigue a too. Get 8 hours of good sleep per night, drink plenty of water and fluids throughout the day, eat healthy, eat brain healthy fats, avoid toxins, get fresh air and sunshine when possible, exercise even if its light exercise, and do mentally stimulating activities like puzzles, online games, interacting socially, or learning something new.

    It seems kind of stupid, but check out some websites that help people with other types of mental dysfunction like Alzheimer's Association We don't have Alzheimers, but brain health is brain health, and they are experts at it. You might find some useful info.

  • chynablue thats a very good answer, and you are so right. Definitely water helps, and a good nights sleep - something that is hard to achieve.

  • thank you so much! that was great :)

  • Have you had your ammonia levels checked to see if you could be suffering with Hepic Encephalopathy? The severe fog is how it first started with me. It's very serious, but there are medications for it. Lactulose is what is first used. I'm on two now to help prevent the ammonia from going to my head and the second helps to prevent brain damage from the Hepic Encephalopathy. Please get it checked if your not sure. It is serious. ❤

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