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Depression and PBC


Hi everyone was wondering if anyone has noticed feeling depressed more than normal. I have some down days but it seems like for ages this has been going on. i have had a lot going on but I just get on with it like you have. This really isn't like me, If it's happening to any off if you could let me know I seem to be blaming everything on my PBC. Thanks. Xxx

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Sorry about the mistakes in post lol

I have become more moody and angry lately . it maybe pbc or it maybe something else ,have you talked to dr?

Hi Dese. I think it's to be expected that some if not all of us will go through rough patches every now and then. I know after diagnosis I did. I expect if things get worse or if I get new symptoms I might again. We can't be too hard on ourselves though - it's completely understandable! For me I found exercise helped greatly. Not going crazy but going on long walks regularly. It had the added bonus of helping me to drop a few pounds too. I didn't really need to but definitely feel much better all round. So I would recommend that. However if you find this is going on for some time and not improving then you should definitely speak to your doctor. Help is out there! Take care & good luck x

Thanks for the reply I will talk the my doctor about this. Thank you x

There is an inevitability about pbc and sometimes because some of us have little to go on, only the diagnosis , it can be depressing. If you have symptoms you might say this is a very self Absorbed comment but we who are say stage 3 with no symptoms still live on a knife edge. We are in this together that's all i know and I feel blessed that people are so open and honest .

Dese in reply to boneytoys

Hi I love this sight we are like family. I feel a lot better today so hopefully I stay like this for a while. Xx


I suffer intermittently with what I would call a low mood rather than a clinical depression, it's more like my feelings towards everything is now met with the same reaction there doesn't seem to be the highs and lows or full enjoyment in the good things there once was. I have noticed i have become more intolerant as well but I put that down to having no energy to do what I want. I do take regular light exercise and go for walks every day this helps

There's a lot been written on living with chronic diseases and depression. The mind is very powerful and has a direct effect on your physical wellbeing and vice versa.

I've been diagnosed 17 yrs and I know now that after the initial denial phase I found everything including work, family and social life a huge effort that resulted in me being exhausted and depressed for weeks on end.

Thro medication and cognitive behaviour therapy I learnt to cope and change the way I dealt with things.

Unfortunately I had to retire early from a rewarding job as a midwife 6 years ago but my life now is well balanced happy and rewarding in other ways. I accept I have good and bad days, don't expect too much of myself and have even joined 2 exercise classes a week.

Chin up and take care 😊

Hi Dese,

I feel the same. I was diagnosed just before Christmas...but I too have a lot going on. I lost my mum to breast cancer April 2014, and when I first got my diagnosis I felt so alone and missed my mum to talk to more than ever. I still miss my mum but it seemed as if the diagnosis was worse not having her steady influence. It took me a couple of months to come to terms with the diagnosis and get used to the symptoms of taking Urso. I'm lucky that I don't have many PBC symptoms, but it's still a shock to come to terms with. Especially fear of the Unknown.

I took a couple of months off work. I went back to work on a phased return but the day I went back my dad was rushed to hospital and he's been in and out of hospital for last 4 weeks...I have found that dad being ill on top of everything else has just thrown me right back to how I was feeling just after Christmas. I'm trying to pick myself back up at the moment. Still off work, but making use of the counsellors through work.

They're advice to me was to concentrate on myself, do things that I WANT to do, rather than what people expect me to do, take plenty of exercise including yoga and meditation. I'm not brilliant at setting time aside for meditation but there is a good app called gives you 10mins meditation sessions for when you're feeling anxious, and they do really help. The exercise really helps too. I also find making things really helps me, like homemade soup, jam, bread etc. I can't really explain, but there's something nice about just making some really healthy food and then eating it, especially when the weather is too wet and cold to go out for a walk.

I also talk about how I'm feeling, my poor partner gets the brunt of it, but talking to the counsellors helps too...but even a good friend can help too.

All the advice I've had is that the sad feelings will improve, but it does take time. I'm looking forward to the day I return to being the happy go lucky self I used to be a couple of years ago.

Hope some of this helps...sending you best wishes.

Hilary xx

Dese in reply to Hils67

Hi you are going through a lot at the moment so thanks for replying. I have a daughter she's 28 we are waiting for her results for cancer she had cervix cancer twice now they found something somewhere else somore worry. I hope all goes well with you and I hope your dad is ok. Take care xx

Hils67 in reply to Dese

Ah so sorry to hear about your wonder you're feeling depressed. It's the normal order of things for parents to get ill, but not your children. I do hope she gets good results.

Thinking of you xx

Dese in reply to Hils67

Thank you xx

I feel like this as well, I think a lot has to do with the weather and also not being able to do the things we used to do, this morning I had a why bother getting out of bed morning as there is no point anymore day. The house is like a tip as we are having work done on it and i cannot be bothered cleaning, tidying, I just want to run off to my little bed and curl up and wake up on a beach in Spain.

Oh Dollydaydreams, bless you.I have been feeling like that now for weeks. House got flooded on 26th Dec and after using up all my energy scrubbing and cleaning, have just got to the point of (switch off and pretend everything is normal mode). No energy or at all for anything,don't know where my enthusiasm has gone. I could even go to Spain as my sister lives there, but sadly not even got the energy for that. Moan over, thanks for listening. x

Hi. Its horrible I didn't know what was happening to me. Today I feel a lot better I went for a long walk and had a sunbed I felt like I was in Spain lol. I feel like my black cloud is lifting. The last couple of weeks have been a nightmare aching itching chest infection. I hope you feel better soon I feel for you xx

dollydaydreams in reply to Dese

I have a sunbed the type that you can lie on for an hour at a time, both top and bottom, but if i got on it no way would I be able to get off it, but yes i agree lying on it would make me feel better the sun, the warmth and a nice relax.


It's strange but after my diagnosis that I now have cirrhosis I feel better in myself..I think all the low and tired feelings are now allowed without having to explain

Still worried about taking wretched beta blockers but in the end if I feel worse I shall see the consultant and say I would prefer varise is after all my life ....luckily I am ok on the whole with urso...

Here's to us being able to be open to each other....a real bonus

Hi Dese,

I had PBC (but it was not diagnosed) and I started to become angry, fed up, annoyed, depressed, my wife thought I was starting with Althizermers.

Went to Dr. found my liver was shot and PBC diagnosed. (that far into PBC I had transplant 18 months later)

Point here is H.E. (Hepatic Encephalopathy) was starting in me, this became a major issue for me over next 18 months, but apart from ALL the issues of having PBC, IF H.E. is one of the effects that affects you, this will make it worse.

I was put on an SSRI (anti depressant, Citalopram) even though I did not class myself as depressed, this helped me a lot.

Try to keep a positive attitude, PBC can be serious,but it can be beaten, even if by way of a transplant. More die with PBC than because of it.

A problem shared is a problem halved, this community is good for sharing, we understand like no one else can, and that includes the medics!

Good health, good luck and happiness. X

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