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Liver clock

I found Living with Liver Disease on FaceBook so have been following them for a while. This morning there is an interesting article. It is something that I found out by trial and error but it is interesting to know that the liver has a clock. Here is the link if you want to take a look.


and the FB page


best wishes

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Hello butterflyiE.

I will have a better read through your posting on the 'craigcameron' link later on. I did flick through it and was interested in seeing this:-

"Bile production is assumed to be at its highest at 9am and lowest at 9pm"

I have experimented with the urso over the 5yrs I have now been taking it and for some time found taking it in 2 doses of one with breakfast, the other with evening meal seemed to work. I then decided to take it 3 times a day (I do have 150mg tablets of which there are 4 tablets to take daily so can do this) so I take 2 tablets with breakfast, another one around 2-3p.m. and the final one I have been taking around 8p.m. to 9p.m. now. I actually feel for me this is the best way. The reading about bile production for me then seems to be in line with this statement. Obviously as we have come to know with the urso it seems there is no right or wrong way to take it, down to how one feels.

I did read a good piece on the liver over a year ago now, taken from a science book on the body that I bought for one of my nephews who is 9. The book was informative regarding the body and I found the liver part interesting reading. Apparently the liver is most active around 2a.m. I read. I think for myself with having PBC and being one of the unfortunates to have to endure the itch at night time I somehow think it is a disadvantage as when our body isn't at rest it to me is still chugging away probably differently than when we are in sleep and at rest.

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