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found another very informative site

just thought i would share with you a very informative site i have come across on line called "living with liver disease" it contains buckets of info and support on all aspects of liver disease-not soley PBC but certainly contains some useful stuff, clearly you would have to use your own common sense with regards to any advice offered there as it is not, as i said, solely for PBC but I have learnt a great deal about the liver and how it is affected. there is currently a lady who is writing about her recent transplant due to pbc, gives a great insight and is quite uplifting, would recommend a look.

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Do you mind posting the link? I just "googled" it, but was not sure which one it was. Thanks!


oh..i'm not very technical...lwld.us/ hope that works??


Hello KarenRL.

Here is the link as I have just had a look....


I also snooped not so long ago and this is another one. There is I think it lasts 45mins (not re-checked) on a Professor talking about PBC on it.... here's link for that one too....


Noticed both of the sites are American. As far as I can recall as been awhile since I had a good rummage round the internet (and books) with regards to liver conditions as back in 2010 I was still undergoing different blood tests (got diagnosed PBC Dec 2010) and certain there is also a Canadian site too.

One of the hospitals here in England also publish a magazine for liver patients which I found online not so long ago. Think it was the one in Birmingham off-hand, Queens?

(In event the links I have posted you struggle to use, type lwld.us in Google and you'll see it as I did and the other one liver foundation.

Hope this has helped somewhat. I'll read itchyandscratchy's site later.


The liver foundation page you posted is excellent, advice on diet very good, although I have to say I more or less eat what they advise but I was unsure on amount of protein to eat. There is a Canadian site which I found because I needed to find something that can also be read in french, ( my husband is French and doesn't understand English) pbc-society.ca/archived_que... and another French page that also can be read in English albi-france.org/recherche/m...


Thanks guys.


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