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Ache Under Ribs

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So last week I was told my liver function test had improved I wasn't having blood tests for this reason but guess the doc wanted to check. Good news. So why today do I have a ache Under my Ribs right side, liver I'm presuming. Sometimes quite sharp. Feeling very fatigued today aswell.

Saw a gynaecologist yesterday for help with peri menopause. She called me unique and special. Me being her 2nd patient with pbc in her entire career. I'm certainly very special πŸ˜‚. I go to gym 4 times a week. Mainly weights. She told me to go get hot and sweaty for 40 mins cardio only. It's about finished me off. I'm warn out and I normally go for over an hour. Whoops

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Hello Louedwards.

Sorry to hear you are under medical care re peri menopause. I am counting myself lucky because I started going through the change myself 3 years ago now where my cycle went erratic. I noticed that the very sore breasts and lower back ache I used to encounter just before that time of the month vanished at some point and my periods did start to become lighter in the last 6 months. I am now hoping that the last one I had start of 2016 was the final one. I have only so far encountered about 4/5 of the hot flushes or 'sweats' as they are also known. I will be 52 in a couple months time.

Unlike yourself I have never gone to a gym, I do a lot of walking and running up and down stairs in my daily life. I find being busy keeps from feeling the itch as I tend to feel prickly if I am still.

Louedwards in reply to Hidden

I have never really had the itch. Just started to get hot sweats at night. The 40 mins sweaty sessions in gym are suppose to help. To be honest it's hard to no other than my erratic periods, if symptoms are peri menopause or PBC. Since taking urso only diagnosed 1st Dec. Some have gotten better.

She's hoping that in a year I should be done myself.

As much as this peri menopause rubbish is giving me a bit of a hard time. If it wasn't for me persisting with docs for help. The PBC would have gone unnoticed.

So yes in a strange way I'm glad.

What I wouldn't do to be a man at times πŸ˜‚

Hidden in reply to Louedwards

Hello once more Louedwards.

Really glad that yo uhaven't got the itch that PBC can cause and hope that you are never inflicted with it either. The itch was what I took myself to t he GP with back in early 2010 when it never let up for a fortnight. I had to endure it persisting for a further 9mths before I was informed I had PBC and then first few months on urso I thought it felt worse. Over time it has altered and currently it is more acceptable though I'd rather not have it at all.

I really hope I don't too Peridot. Ocassionally at night I can get a little itchy. But it doesn't stop me sleeping and seems to just dissappear. Fingers crossed.

Hi Louedwards

I think I would carrying on doing what worked for me prior to being advised to do the 40 minute cardio only exercise. What we do know for certain is that as PBC is rare it is even rarer to find anyone in the medical profession who can advise us what is best for us and each sufferer of PBC seems to be unique in how they manifest their symptoms. The only thing that is known for sure, or so it seems to me, is that URSO helps to keep the PBC under control for most of us.

I have just had blood tests and been told that my results have improved, but still not been able to get a print out, but I am more worn out now than I have been in a long while. I do not think the short dark days with unseasonal weather help me, I am in the UK.

I had a dreadful time with peri menopause into menopause and because of severe symptoms had a hysterectomy. For a few years I felt better than I had for a long while.

Hope you are soon feeling a bit more comfortable.

best wishes

I'm in the UK to butterflyei. The weather certainly doesn't help especially all the rain. I'm a outside person but a dry one.

She was just trying to help I think said it will build up my bone density and can help with hot flushes I've just started to get. I'm on my way to the gym shortly. I'll try her way again. But if it makes me feel like yesterday I'll go back to my way.

She openly admitted I was only the 2nd person she come across with PBC And was having to write and ask a specialist to see what I could and couldn't take to help. As she had no idea. I really didn't think I was so unique. Maybe that's why at work you get no response. Aslong as you're there that's all they care about. Moan over 😊

Hi Louedwards,

I suffer with Liver pain too ,feels like a bad ache from the right and sometimes goes right across, I am also bloated in that region, Diagnosed with PBC about 2006,but guess I had it for sometime before, Im 72 so dont have periods or menopause to bother about now, Ive also got an underactive thyroid gland ,these two autoimmune often go hand in hand, have you had that test because that also causes fatigue if not treated, also weight gain. It seems more and more folk have these autos now,when mine was found it was extremely rare,GPs dont know much if anything about this desease, but guess now ,they will have to take it seriously. I get tired and worn out,but as Im retired just take myself to bed and have a wee kip. Best Wishes to you, and as my Liver nurse says , DONT WORRY .

Mylo2 x

The cardiovascular recommendation is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Do you not get hot and sweaty lifting weights? Just sayin....

Wildinness I do get sweaty yes. But not in the same way. Cardio also builds up bone density. Who am I to argue with the pros. Even though she admits she knows nothing. She's a gynaecologist however so does know about the menopause and women issues. I'll try and see if it eases the hot flushes. 😊

I have over 10 years of experience and education as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Weight lifting builds bone density. Not saying cardiovascular is bad. But a good combination of both is great. Metabolic conditioning even better depending on your level of fitness. :-)

This is what the gym trainer said to me. Along with anotger one that doesn't know what their talking about. I'm sticking with what I'd been doing. I warm up. Then 10 minutes of cardio pushing myself more than I did before. Then weights with cardio inbetween weights again, finish with cardio then cool down. Just increased intensity and length of cardio.. thanks wildness

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