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Blood pressure pills and urso



Since taking Urso these last few weeks my blood pressure has raised a bit and I get headaches like i used to before having bp pills...I am wondering if the bp tablet is not working with the urso? It is the same sort of headache I used to have, it comes on at night. I take it in the morning just before taking the Urso? Any ideas? Thx

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Hello Oscardog.

The only thing I can think of is to check your patient info leaflet that came with the tablets (if not, check out online as you can find them there if you know which manufacturer of the urso though it seems that they are all pretty much the same - I have had 3 different manufacturers of the urso since diagnosis 2010), this can tell you if there might be any interactions with other medications.

It could just b e a case that you need to time the taking of the medications differently.

Urso isn't said to cause raised blood pressure or headaches and said to be 'well tolerated'. There are some side-effects you can get with the urso but nothing significant. Then again for the rare few there might be certain side-effects that they encounter that most never do.

It could be that your blood pressure tablets need changing (I don't know anything about this) or you may have to speak to your doctor for advice.


I take blood pressure pills with urso and I get headaches in the morning bit like a hangover which I wouldn't mind but don't drink. Not sure if it a good thing or not taking these blood pressure pills, my thinking is why have I got high blood pressure in the first place. Just seems as if they just give out these meds without doing any investigations. Still getting heartache anyway but am going to speak to doc bout it. Sorry not much help we seem to be in same boat.

HI Oscardog

Can you try taking your BP tablet in the morning and the Urso just as you go to bed.

I believe there was an article by Prof. Neuburger in the Bear Facts magazine and it may say on your patient leaflet that once you have been on Urso for a short while (to get it into your system) it is best taken at night before bed.

I this does not help I guess it is back to the doctor for medical advice.

best wishes

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