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I was diagnosed with PBC in 2010, my feet, hands and stomach area feel swollen always at the ending of the day. i workout 4x a week and im very active, even though im constantly tired.... is there anything i may be doing wrong, or is it the side effect of Urso, been on it for 6 years ?? Anyone have that same problem with swelling? If so any suggestions that may help are appreciated.

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I'm not fully diagnosed yet but I get the swelling too. It's worst in my right wrist/hand/fingers so I'm wearing a splint and getting Physio now. It's also very painful so I'm going to ask if a steroid injection might help.


Hi lauralee851

I'm not sure if it's the same but I had this problem with my thumb and wrist, had the splint for total rest them physio, it's a lot better now although weaker than it used to be, yes it was painfull at times and I couldn't even wash up properly couldn't hold plates etc.

I just wanted to say I had steroid injections to my hips and yes it helped eventually but not for long, it's painful to have and not worth it for the time you have the pain free weeks.

Hope this helps.

Hi, thanks for the reply. It's just so hard when you get desperate isn't it. Sometimes it's painful picking my baby up and that's quite upsetting. I just want some relief. X

We all react to pain differently so do what you need for your needs, good luck xx

Is there anything to help the swelling? Perhaps diet? Thanks!

Hi Rosairobles, It's probably best to get yourself checked for Osteoarthritis which is related to PBC. I don't think it's the Urso causing your symptoms but best to be sure. Well done, keeping active. Take care of yourself.

Sorry, I should add I have found that anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen) help me most. You should tell your GP that you're taking them. Cheers

Thanks gardner646 for you response, i will check on that......

Hi Rosairobles,

Do you mean they just feel swollen and painful - like arthritis/rheumatism?

Or are your extremities - especially feet and ankles - actually swollen and puffy? If it's the latter you should check with the GP, as it can be typical of lots of things.

Take care.

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