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Pregnancy Signs Help Please

I Had A Misscarrage Feb 26 I Was 11 Weeks March 5 I Started Back Having Sex With My Boyfriend Unprotected .. My Body Is Acting Strange Nd Im Not Sure Whats Going On I Been Having

-Bloating (Alot) So Much It Looks Like Im 3 Months Pregnant When I Was Pregnant My Stomach Did Not Grow Nd Im Really Skinny

-I Been Having Really Bad Headaches

-Frequant Urination

-Nd I Get Irratated Really Fast..

-Like I Can Smell Things So Good Nd Before It Never Botger Me Now It Do Ill Get Angry Smelling It ..

-Tender Breast

So Yea If Anybody Eles Have This Problem Please Help I Dont Know What To Do Or Think

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I recently went through the same experience, just out of interest did you stop taking medication while pregnant or did it have an influence on the miscarriage. My doctors arent very helpful.


Your symptoms sound like those of pregnancy or you may have irritable bowel or some other medical problem best to take advice from your doctor. Best of luck.


I Wasnt Taking No Meds My Doctor App. Was The Next Day So I Was Taking Nothing Nd Thank Yhu For The Luck Ill Find Out Soon


Jess urso is safe to take in pregnancy (as told by my liver specialist) they give it to pregnant women.. It's a synthetic bile nothing harmful in it.


thanks very much




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