Happy Christmas everyone.

This Christmas is the Christmas they said I would not reach (but for the liver transplant I received November 2014)

Thank you to my donor family. The medical team, and all of you for your support.

There is hope for all. never loose hope.

I wish you all a healthy Christmas.

If anyone out there is lonely give our community a shout! we will shout back with love.

what a beautiful crowd of patients you all are !

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  • Happy Christmas no.1 then x

  • Happy Christmas no.1 then x

  • That is fantastic to hear- Im so glad you were able to get the transplant.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas

  • Happy Christmas from Sunny Llandudno XX

  • Hi Dolly, its glorious here in Denbigh too....

  • How wonderful that you are able to enjoy Christmas. Wishing you a great day and a fabulous 2016. X

  • Thanks for spreading hope. Your story inspires so many .

    Have a wonderful 2016! xx

  • lovely email that gives hope to so many and promotes empathy and love

    it says we are all in this together

    Love from me

  • Hi, I'm newly diagnosed bit scared and a little worried about this, but it's good to here that it can have a positive outcome. Merry Christmas and a brilliant 2016.

  • Leighton56 being told you have PBC (especially when you have never heard of it before as none of us had) is a bit of a shock (understatement of the week) so being a little worried is good! There are thousands of PBC survivors on here, each has their own story, itching is a big one, my itching was not my big one, Hepatic Encephalopathy was mine, but I managed to survive (and even accept and almost enjoyed) this issue.... a positive outlook and a great supportive family helped me, for those without a supportive immediate family, we are all here for them, this forum is a place where you can say what you like and not be judged. there is also a mass of experience out here, more than almost any G.P. !! (some of whom do lack experience in this rare condition).


  • Thanks, it has helped knowing at long last what is wrong with me as my memory is terrible most of the time and also the tiredness is a problem, I don't know how long I have had PBC, but it lost me my job and haven't worked since. I have started to put couping mechanism (my spelling is also bad) in to assist when thing go really wonky. Just have to make the best of it I think.

    It's also helpful to find others that have the experience to help me and for which I am grateful.

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