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Not missed alcohol

After a full weekend out partying and only drinking water and non alcoholic cocktails I can say I didn't miss it one bit and felt great next morning. I don't think I'll touch a drop again. It's very confusing because of feeling perfectly normal without a single symptom yet my alt is 432 and my ggt is 261 which are not good I know. It's worrying not knowing what I've got to come symptom wise

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That's great news, you done well.


Well done ! know the feeling about being confused. Keep it up


I think it can take more time for the LFTs to start to drop. I got good results on urso when I was diagnosed in Dec 2010 but then after a year on the urso things started to slow down.

I go with how I feel and I know for a fact that I feel more normal these days than I did in 2010 when I was itching 24/7 and working from 'daft o'clock to even dafter o'clock'.

Back then I had fatigue with the itching but these days just the itching at night usually.

Perhaps the LFTs have to stick at a certain level over time for one to start to feel not so 100%. My consultant reckoned that I started with PBC 'a few years' prior to starting to itch. So in that time my LFTs were probably slowly climbing and then it was taking a toll, moreso with my lifestyle then.

I think anyone feeling or knowing there is something amiss is doing their body a favour by attempting to cut back on certain things they do that can perhaps cause other problems.

Changing certain things we eat for example (I don't consume artificial sweeteners for eg nor have certain additives that are said to be notso good) and also after my first abnormal LFTs in early 2010 I was loathe to have any over-the-counter or prescribed medications as they can in affect have a bit of an impact on the LFTs. Certain medications for instant are known to alter the LFTs in people without PBC.

I also think that if one is diagnosed with PBC and the doctor isn't overly-concerned by the blood readings then that has to be surely something better than perhaps worse?

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Good for you to party without alcohol. Hope you get the right answers. Very frustrating disease PBC


Good for you. Hope you get the right answers. This PBC is a very frustrating thing


Sorry ditnt see the 1st message went thru


Hi bellalou.

I just wanted to say that there are many people with PBC who remain asymptomatic all of their lives.

I would also say it is important that you know symptoms, liver biochemistry and histology (cell change within the liver) do not correlate as such. So, it is perfectly possible to have raised liver test results yet be asymptomatic and/or have no real cell change within the liver.

Great that you have chosen not to drink alcohol (for all that isn't necessary for many patients) and that is working for you.

If I can help further, feel free to contact me or the PBC Foundation directly.




Thanks Robert, I really do pray I am one of the lucky ones that dosent experience the symptoms although my lft's are really not great. I have my biopsy in a few days so I'll keep you posted. Thanks again



I've sent you a message.



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