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gastro a sham

hi everyone hope u all soldiering on i went to my 6 mth gastro app on tues to barnsley hospital i saw a dr called dr atkinson who didnt gove me any help he asked how i was i have pbc stage 4 and osteoporosis i told him i feel worse and i have pain in my stomach also my feet burning all night he just told me theres nothing wrong with me and that my stomachpains are not related to pbc also that the brain fog is not he didnt examine me or ask me anything except to say that there are no symptoms for pbc and that its just a condition and no big deal i walked out in tears i felt so embarresed and like a fake my daughter has complained to the hospital and im having a new app with a difeeent doctor sorry for the long post rant over xxx

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I am sorry to read this. Why is there such a lack of understanding of this uncommon disease. I have had similar experience and have not seen a specialist for years. I am glad you have a daughter who has organised another appointment for you at which I hope you get better understanding. Let us know how you get on.


Sound like you have good family support which is invaluable. Reading the posts sadly your experience isn't unique. ButterflyEi's advice re linking in to the PBC foundation is great. It may also be worth posting again with the area you live to see if anyone can recommend a hospital / consultant. I have been lucky enough to be under the care of a gastro who knows his stuff so keep going there are some great Drs out there - it's just finding them that can sometimes be a problem x


I agree with Yvi, talk to the PBC Foundation advisors - there is a link to their site at the top of this page. Also there is loads of info on their site, and if you join you get a booklet that tells you all about the condition - you could give one to your Gastro!!

Your Gastro does not know what he is talking about. There are symptoms for PBC - though people can have PBC and not have the symptoms - but also, the tests for PBC are fairly clear cut. You would be better to see a liver specialist, a hepatologist, and preferably one who specialises in PBC.

I would post on here roughly where you live, then someone can private message you with details on good liver consulants near you - or the PBC F people will tell you. I really would phone them - now!

Take care, I hope you get some answers.



thankyou all for your replys i live in pontefract west yorkshire i have had pbc and osteoporosis 2 yrs and my regular gastro is very good i have never seen dr atkinson before and was told my gastro has now left for warmer climates i am to be refered to a different dr as i dont feel i have been seen i have never been seen by a hepatoligist as i am a nhs patient i dont think i can choose thanks everyone for your support and sorry for the spelling x


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