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Back pain

I've been diagnosed with PBC 6 months and over this time my back pain is getting worse but it's only when I'm at work, it's in my right side but for a couple of years it's just been a slight ache , I put it down the having a uncomfortable chair as I sit down all day . But now the pain is getting worse and some days its really depressing , it feels like I'm resting my back on a big stone , if I get up and walk about it eases it and nearly goes away but I find if I stand in one place when the pain is really bad it hurts so much , we had a meeting the other week and this particular day my back was a bit sore but as soon as I was stood in one place not been able to move it got worse , I stared getting sweaty , felt sick and my friend said I'd gone yellow I had to ask for a chair before I collapsed . I've had hot flushes and sweats before through menopause but have never experienced sweat like this my top was wet through but soon as I was able to sit down I started feeling normal again but the rest of the day felt exhausted . As anyone else experiencing the same thing ? But I'm a bit confused I keep thinking is it the chair or the food ? But I don't get this at home

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Sorry to read that you are encountering trouble with your back presently.

With PBC we can develop bad bone health but also we can have other problems that are unconnected to PBC.

I think anyone who has a problem with their back (my brother and husband suffer from time to time) sitting down and not moving for some time can actually make the problem feel a lot worse. It is said that the best way for back pain (my 2 have sciatica where you can have a pain running down one leg at times) is to keep moving as it does feel better. My brother says he crawls out of bed for work every morning due to his back but by getting moving about he does start to feel it ease but then of course being in a manual job by the end of the day when he comes to relax at home in the evening, he starts to feel it all over again.

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Steele that sounds awful for you , i notice you said you did not get it at home.

This could suggest the back pain is related to the environment at work perhaps its the sitting or standing for long periods of time and you may need some strategies to work around that. Have you a health and safety advisor or occupational health at work who could help with a work place risk assessment and be able to check your chair is suitable for you. I have fibromyalgia as well as pbc, and when I was at work I used to get up and move around every half hour otherwise I would be in pain, I know in meetings this is hard but I would take a comfort break just so I could walk and stretch.

Also when I was first diagnosed with pbc if I felt unwell for any reason it very often led to a panic attack where I would feel very hot and sweaty, dizzy and felt close to collapse, this went away after a period of time as my confidence returned and I learnt more about pbc. However if your friend said you were jaundiced perhaps you should get this checked out with your Gp.

Take care


Thank you for your post, they are looking to get me some kind of back support hopefully this will sort it out . I'm due to see my liver consultant in a few weeks I will hopefully get some answers from him


I have back pain it just started in Jan of this year and is worse while sitting. The pain Dr. believes it is the right sacroiliac joint. I have a lot of stiffness too especially in the mornings and twisting is an issue. My pain Dr. also thinks the pain is related to the pain I have in the liver area. It's also worse too right before my menses seems like everything kicks in a notch before then, not sure if it's partly due to all the water retention I seem to have. I've had one injection in that joint it did seem to help, but for only a lil while, and I was due to have another, but had to cancel. I hope you can find a good back specialist and get treatment that brings you some relief. Best of Luck to you!

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