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Just wondering if anyone here would know if Omega 3 has any bad effect on PBC/ liver? After a heart attack sep 2014 I was prescribed Atorvastatin amongst others. Also prescribed Destolit when found to have PBC but had to stop that after a severe allergic reaction. I've now had to stop Atorvastatin because of the effect on liver. After seeing it on tv wondering if omega 3 might be an alternative?

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Hi emerich, I've been taking Super Strength Omega 3 Capsules from Healthspan for many years because I can't eat fish . They contain 1000mg concentrated fish oil and are "highly distilled for optimum purity" and "Sustainably sourced". I have never had any problems from them.

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Hello emerich.

I'm not much an advocate of taking supplements myself.

Out of interest there are other foods that you can take to get Omega-3 as opposed to fish.

I buy milled linseed that is apparently high in Omega-3. Flaxseed is another one. I chuck some in instant porridge of a morning to bulk it up and also put some in any buns that I might make. Also good to add extra texture to pastry.

I am in the UK and the cheapest place to buy these bags I have found is Aldi (or Lidl). You simply store the sealable bag in the fridge after opening.

Porridge oats are supposed to be good for cholesterol (can't remember the full terminology that is used).

Sorry to read you have had some reaction to Destolit. I have been taking this steady for 18mths now after mg change and I've had no side-effects from it. I did think my original 300mgs that were withdrawn to me seemed the best but for now they are not back in manufacture (I emailed the pharmaceutical company awhile back).



I also have PBC diagnosed a year ago. I take urso twice a day and also take 3,000 mg omega-3 along with 500 mg niacin each day. They are to help manage the cholesterol levels.

Both supplements do affect the liver, but more in the way of supporting its function instead of putting an additional load on it.

I am also back on pravastatin after my cholesterol level doubled when I lost the routine of using the niacin and fish oil, but I hope to get back off of that soon.

According to my doc, the combo of the fish oil and niacin alone will keep cholesterol in check for most individuals. However, high cholesterol levels are often found with PBC so I am still trying to determine if the combo works for those of us with the disease. I get blood work to check cholesterol levels in a few weeks, so the jury is still out.

In addition, I keep chemicals, preservatives, etc. to a minimum by using all natural products for skincare and try to drink water daily so I don't get dehydrated. For me, it has been all about trying to find a balance between diet, supplements, work load, and meds. I feel much better now, so I hope you can also find balance for yourself.

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Hi Thanks for all your replies. Very helpful. I've had blood test a week ago, don't usually get detailed results but not been called in about them, so assume they're not getting worse. Liver specialist wants bloodsevery 2 months to monitor things but seems convinced statins were the problem

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Oops, sent before I'd finished. I've to see him as originally planned in a year re pbc, just a bit concerned that I'm taking nothing for pbc or cholesterol. I'm having cholesterol check with next bloods so think I'll wait for those results and consider other options depending on that. Like you peridot I try to take as few tablets as possible. Would always take docs prescriptions though.Thanks again for your input everybody.


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