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Aches & pains

Now I'm not worried as such & have kind of got used to this having PBC thing. You know, you've got it, it's slow, blood up & down, look after yourself, filled my head with as much knowledge as I can & getting on with life. However now & again your body sends you a message and no matter how you listen to it you still can't get an answer. Turned over in bed the other day and felt like someone had just stabbed me with a needle just below right rib cage. Now liver is aching so much that I am uncontiously holding my hand on it, coughings not good too. Ie hurts more when I cough. Does anyone suffer with an aching liver area? First time for me?

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I get a sharp pain on right side under ribcage it just shoots up and done but does happen several times a day. My doc didn't know why, I had ultra sound but it didn't show anything different so if you find out why or what it is let me know.


Thanks for your reply renee29. I will it's coming & going a bit now I'll mention it when at GPS next week but I think it must be just one of those things. X


Technically, the liver isn't understood to feel pain. However, there is a membrane that surrounds the liver which does.

It may well be worth a brief call to your consultant to ask if they have a view on it.

It is important to discuss any changes with your medical team. I am not sure how much your GP knows so maybe a call with the hospital will get you an answer (if there is one).



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Hi Robert hope you are well. Thanks for your reply. I'm very lucky to have a very knowledgeable gp. He is actually running some separate investigations for Dr Davis my consultant at the moment so I feel that a chat with him next week should suffice. Really grateful for your input. T.X


I get pains down in that area from time to time too, but seldom sharp ones. I have them far, far less now that URSO has brought down my enzymes. My last Alk Phos was only twice normal, which is a huge improvement for me. I'm glad you are getting an opinion from your doctor.


They've taken my bloods might show some light thanks for your reply.


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