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AIH - Drug Free Remission

Just been to see liver consultant.

(I have AIH/PBC Overlap Syndrome - Diagnosed 2011).

Currently on 100mg of Aza for the AIH and he's going to try and wean me off 25mg at a time every 6 months to see if I can stay in remission. 40% chance of success so let's hope I'm in the minority for something positive. I'm always optimistic and a half glass full kinda woman. Anyone out there with experience of being weaned off

Azathioprine and their experiences - good or bad..... X

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Hi hope it works and wish my specialist would say that! Let us know how you get on.


Me 2. Thank you. X


My dr told me that I will be on AZA and Urso for the rest of my life. How are you doing so far


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