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Travel Insurance - thought i would share

some of will know of my mission to pay less than the price of another holiday for travel insurance, my husband and I despite being 46 and 39 are dropping to bits in the insurance world. however have found a website called medical travel compared and some quotes approx £40 for a weeks cruise for us both, previously quoted £200 + so might be worth a try for others.

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That sounds good Reiversmrs. Were they fairly clued up about PBC, and what sort of questions did they ask? Sorry, I can't remember what your symptoms etc are with PBC, mine is not really here, just AMAs for decades, but some still don't want to know, whereas others only added a nominal amount.

Cheers, have a good weekend. Raining again here (Devon) just as I was in the thick of some garden stuff!


Hi I've just tried to get cover for PBC annual cover apart from hypertension no other problems and medical compare would not quote x


There have been several lengthy discussion posts on here about TI very recently. Try trawling back through the questions, or click the 'similar topics' listed below. Some of the cheaper, poorer companies won't touch PBC, but many will, you just have to search - and be prepared to pay a bit more ... though it does not have to be massive.

It does depend on the state of your PBC, though.

I think there should be a national move to make TI companies get their houses in order, many are shameful. The PBC Foundation has lists of companies recommended by members, ditto Liver North, but ... they do all change their policies often, and what telephone people say can sometimes vary - depending on who you speak to on the same day!

I know there are more important things to fight for, but I don't understand why all the travel people: trains, planes, ferries, tour companies etc. etc. don't realise that they are having their profits and figures affected by so many shoddy TI companies.

Sorry for the rant, but I am fed up of talking to so-called 'medical experts' who can't even say PBC, and wouldn't know a mitochondrion if it hit them!


Hi Ladies

I didnt try them for annual quote as it seems no one will give me that, but got weeks cover with my PBC and my husabnds type one diabetes, high blood prssure and cholestral and heart attack one year ago. They asked the usual PBC questions, im like you gritty just amas,though only newly diagnosaed. I have fatigue and joint pain and dry mouth but nothing major Good Luck netmum, these things are sent to try us :)


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