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Not a question, but a piece of interest.

If you are in London, do pop into 20 Cavendish Square, to see the new library and Heritage Centre

for the Royal College of Nursing. Have a look at the 'Exhibition' and the 'Nursing History Room', and write supportive comments on their comment board. Please pass on to all friends and to other sites you belong to. They deserve our support.

Cheers, Gritty

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Hi grittyreads

Do I need to still be a member of the RCN (I retired a few years ago) to enter through the hallowed portals?


No, I have no links and was encouraged to go along and have a look. I was in touch with someone there: just asking about genealogical research I'm doing that involves old hospital records. When I said, 'Thanks, can I do anything for you/RCN, in return?' it was suggested I visit the exhibition. I have not 'Googled' the site (maybe I should), but I assume they want people to visit, so thought I'd spread the word.


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