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Hi I have just completed a couple of months on the Alkaline Diet and I must admit, I feel better, have more energy and have lost weight! I was diagnosed with PBC in Nov 2013 and had most of the symptoms, fatigue, brain freeze etc but these seem to be easing. Not sure if the diet or just naturally improving, but losing weight makes it worthwhile anyway!! For those who are not sure of the normal test results for liver function, I have found this website is useful liverdoctor.com Myself, I am not too concerned with the results, as my doctor is doing the monitoring and she is good! I am just living my life and resting when I need to. Other than the initial shock of discovering it, I have got over that now and plan to move on and live with it. To all you newly diagnosed people, after the shock, you will discover that symptoms will come and go in the most and that you just deal with each one as it comes. You may not get all the symptoms and especially not all at once anyway. Just listen to your body more, this will help you through. love to all.

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What is the LiverAlkaline diet?


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