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Portal hypertensive gastropathy

Does any one else have portal hypertensive gastropathy? I have looked at google and not much other than the basics.Could this be the reason I get a lot of upper stomach pains and pain in the region of the liver and spleen.

Also just had my first week of Urso, so far so good? IF I was unlucky to have side effects would I have them in a week? Thanks in advance x

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I have portal hypertension gastrophy too. I have been checked for it every couple of years since 2005 due the PBC; I reviewed last year's EGD photos and my inside of stomach looks like snake skin. When I get pains in the upper right quad or areas close to that, I rub or massage it and it eventually goes away. Your spleen probably hurts also due to the PBC and you have spleenomegly which is a side effect of the PBC where your spleen is enlarged. As far as the Urso, I started mine in 2005 and I had many side effects, some started or were noticed weeks after taking it. I eventually got over it though. Good luck with everything and stay positive about it even when you are having one of those days; show this stuff it can't and won't control you. Of course, being able to vent to someone and getting pampered every now and then is a must as well.



I have Portal Hypertensive gastropathy they found out last November. I was diagnosed with pbc in 1999 they said I could have had it any thing up to 10 years before that.


Denise Evans


Hi, Not sure about the first thing, but certainly when I first took Urso from Nov 2013, seemed to have all or combination of the usual symptoms, but thankfully not the itching. I am feeling much better now, so I think the symptoms all seem to raise their ugly head when taking the drug, but then start working after a few months. Does not mean that any of the symptoms will not come back though. Swings and Roundabouts!


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